The Lord showed me a vision one-day while I was driving down the road.  In the vision, I saw a large wheel with the rim and spokes divided into seven different areas.  Within each area of the wheel words were written which represent seven areas of emphasis that the Lord is bringing to the body of Christ.  He spoke to my spirit and said that if any of the areas were missing, it would be like a flat tire and would not roll.  The Lord then said that if any areas were accentuated more than the others were it would be like a tire with a broken belt; and again would not roll properly.  

Several days later the Lord showed me another vision.  In this vision I was standing behind what seemed to be a very large piece of glass (like an aquarium).  In front of me was a vast amount of water, which I believe was the open sea.  As I watched, a giant net was dropped into the water and began to move forward.  In the net was a large gate that opened as the water rushed through.  Into the net came all kinds of fish both large and small and began to fill the net.  As the net filled, my vision moved to the surface of the water where I saw seven floats holding the net out of the water. Each float had the same words written on them that were written on the wheel.  Again these are seven areas that the Lord is emphasizing in these last days.  The Lord then spoke to my spirit and said that if any of the floats were missing, the net in that area would sink into the water and the fish would escape back into the open sea. 

Almost three years later the Lord renewed the vision in my spirit when He spoke to me from Matthew 13:47-48

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet that was cast into the sea and gathered some of every kind, which, when it was full, they drew to shore; and they sat down and gathered the good into vessels, but threw the bad away.”

We humbly offer the remainder of this vision believing that what is expressed here will serve as a framework that will aid us as we move towards a 1st Century expression of what in the Greek was known as the Ecclesia  —  or assembly of  “called out ones.”   

There are three statements that need to be made concerning the vision of Shilohouse.

The first one is that we believe that the ministry of Shilohouse is being built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ which is characteristically apostolic and prophetic.

Secondly, we look to God for the fulfillment of these things knowing that with man, this vision is impossible. 

Thirdly we feel that each part of the vision concerns an area of significance that the Holy Spirit has already been revealing to different segments within the body of Christ.  The intent or underlying motivation of this vision is that the body of Christ as “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood” may come to “know what IS the hope of HIS calling” in each of us and that our calling within the priesthood of all believers may be brought to the fullness of what God intends.

In other words; it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will bring clarity to each believer on what it is that God has given them to do with their life.  We believe the framework of vision for Shilohouse Ministries will help Christians build strong foundations in their life and provide a healthy environment that will serve them as they grow in Christ and work to fulfill the call and destiny of God. 

The seven characteristics of the vision are represented in the wheel below.




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