The Rapture of the Saints

I accepted the pre-tribulation rapture teaching as a new believer not really giving it any thought at all.

Popular Christian books on prophecy and end-times doctrine that men taught were all about that doctrine.  The Lord spoke to me and taught me in these early years and I must say that many books including those books which taught a pre-tribulation rapture blessed and instructed me and helped me to grow in the Lord.

In those times,  the Lord revealed His unconditional love.

It was only later, as I became more familiar with the Scriptures, that I became uneasy with the content of Matthew 24 and the parts of Daniel and Revelation that discuss the saints being warred against and overcoming the evil in the last days. I could not reconcile these passages with a pre-tribulation rapture, and there was something unsettling about how these passages were being so casually excused from being applicable to the Church.

As the years passed the Lord seemed to be revealing a vision for the Church, much of which is shared in the bulk of this website.  Even though I have taken a neutral stand for years; even on this website; the primary reason for this was that what was in my spirit concerning the timing of the rapture... I was not fully convinced with any specific position taught by man.

I realize now as I have been given a clearer understanding of the "catching away" through the Word of God; I realize I have also been given a responsibility to share what I clearly see.  After all; one can only share with any authority what has been taught by the Holy Spirit and then only if it is clearly revealed in the Word of God as well.

In many ways; mistaken teachings about the timing of the rapture have led to mistaken understanding of Godís plan for the Church.   It is clear that ones who sincerely love the Lord Jesus are all over the spectrum concerning the timing of the rapture. 

This teaching should not to be used as ammo for pointing fingers at those who may have believed or still believe differently.  The material is given for the purpose of ministering directly from God's word to those who are in error.

The primary issue for the Church at the end of the age is not rapture timing, but how she will glorify God.  Now that the end of the age has drawn near, the issue of timing takes on greater importance in the context of that primary consideration.

Godís plan for His Church dictates rapture timing, not vice versa.  Any teaching that obscures the vision of the saints and is contrary to Godís plan is a serious problem and will become more serious as the days grow darker.

Most popular end-times teaching deals with rapture timing as an end in itself rather than as a supporting role in Godís plan to demonstrate His wisdom through the Church to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.

When Godís purpose and plan become foundational in the study of end-time events, the uncertainty of the Churchís presence on the earth at the end of the age diminishes greatly. 

However; the deciding factor in determining the truth of this is not what men believe; but what the bible teaches. 

If we are able to approach scripture with an attitude similar to the believers in Berea; as they "were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so..."

If we are able to approach scripture with an attitude similar to those first century saints; then we should be able to stand on bed rock irrefutable truths.

Paul said not to be deceived in any way regarding the timing of the day of the Lord.

The timing of the day of the Lord, as you will hear, dictates the timing of the rapture. If the Church misunderstands rapture timing, she will misunderstand her role on earth at the end of the age.

If we subscribe to teachings which obscure Godís plan for His Church, we will have no vision and may be in danger of stumbling and even falling away as events at the end of this age unfold.

The audio teaching below is excerpted from two programs initially aired on WCER AM radio out of Canton Ohio and looks at the timing of the rapture. 

In fact as you will hear; when the cornerstone scriptures that preachers typically use to justify a pre-tribulation rapture are placed in scriptural context; a different picture concerning the timing of the rapture immerges. 

My prayer is that instead of out right acceptance of this teaching; you will have the response of a Berean; and "...searched the Scriptures daily."  For it is in this hour when men do not "...receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  It is in this hour when delusion and false doctrine are increasing.

I pray this teaching will strengthen you in Christ in the days ahead.

God Bless You

Allen Logan

Host of "Watchman on the Wall" and "bondservant" within Shilohouse Ministries


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