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The Tents of Meeting - Part 1-5

I am standing beside the Lord. We are standing before a very dark area that is vast and very still. We are both standing in the darkness also, but it is brighter where I am standing, as the Lord illuminates the area around us. The Lord is looking out towards the darkened lands and I can feel the stirring of His heart within Him.

As I am looking at the Lord, a very gentle breeze begins to blow around us. It begins to swirl around us and then spread further out from us in a very definite pattern. It then begins to spread out to the dark lands before us that spread out as far as you can see. The wind is refreshing and yet, it is very alive. It begins to stir within me as it passes out from us. My heart begins to beat with a longing within me. I sense a great desire for the lands to come to the Lord.

As I turn to look at the lands, I notice that the winds have spread out and have begun to stir and blow up the land with a greater intensity. It is still dark, but I am able to know what they are doing, by God’s wisdom within me. I feel such a surge beginning to stir within me as I stand there. I look over at the Lord, and He is smiling. His eyes are lit up with a wonderful light, and a fierce longing in them. I am stirred in my heart even more. I look back with a greater anticipation.

As I am looking at the darkness that lies before us, I feel a great surge and it seems to come from the very bowels of the Lord. I also feel a very great turmoil rising up within me as I don’t know what this turmoil is that is flowing out.  Then, a very great fire comes out of the Lords mouth, as a huge fireball, and it shoots forth with a ferocity that causes me to fall on my face in terror.

The Lord reaches down to me and takes my shoulder. He stands me up beside Him. I am standing right next to His side and He again releases a very great fireball out of His mouth towards the darkened lands. This time, His closeness has become a haven for me, and I am now strengthened and I am not afraid. Rather, I am feeling that tremendous surge as before. It seems as if it is pouring out of me as well.

I look out to where the fireballs have gone. The land is still dark, but there are fires that have lit up across the land, like little bonfires, here and there. As far as I can see, there are little fires burning strongly, lighting up the area around them. I am so thrilled to see these fires, and I feel such a joy to see them burning. I also can sense the Lord’s heart has expanded somehow, also at this sight. He has such a love for these fires that have begun to burn.

The Lord then speaks to me, as he stretches out his hand to show me the panorama of fires that lies before us. “ What you see before you daughter, is the Fire of My Presence that know dwells in the midst of My People.” As He said this, I looked and the whole area came into a closer view before us. I could see that the bonfires were really little tents that were pitched all over in the lands before us. They were burning with fires and flames were seen over the little tents.

“The tents that you see before you are My Tent of Meeting being raised up all over the earth. For I have chosen to place My Name in them. These tents will become My Holy Habitation in the earth. For I have come down to dwell with those who have kept themselves pure and who have set themselves apart unto Me. My Pillar of Fire will be within the tents and will be within them, as they come to meet with Me.

I will no longer commune with unclean hearts and unclean hands that reach out to me. I am coming to those who have crucified their flesh and have allowed me to circumcise their hearts, and who have nothing left to offer me except themselves. I have become their portion. They have laid their lives down and have overcome the evil one. Now I Am come, to dwell among them. I will be their God, and they will be their portion.

The rest will remain outside of My Tents, and will not have My Light of My Presence to guide them in the darkness, nor will they know Me. For all who have heeded My Call and My Voice, have now entered into My tents. The nations that see My Tents across the lands will fear and tremble at My rising. For I Am have returned unto My House, and I will be seen among them once again.

The surge that you felt was the release that has begun. I have shown you the release, and you also will release more fire, as I direct you to. For I am igniting My House in this hour. I am coming as a burning lamp and igniting everything in it. All that remains after I ignite it will be mine.

What you see that lies before you is what is to come. It is now the time of release. You will release My Fire upon My People and they will become the burning habitation of My Father. I have many assigned for this task, and they are all poised and ready to run with the Fire of My Holiness, just as you have begun to run. Do not fear, but press forward, and as you hear My Voice, I will release My Fire.

My Tent of Meeting has begun, across the lands. I will have a Holy Habitation! I will have a Holy Bride!

I Am coming to inhabit the waste places and make them into My Vineyard.

Look before you, and see the harvest. It lies before you, and it will be reaped!

Go forth now, for My Holy Fire has begun, and it will not stop till I have fully burned My entire House, and I have burned in it’s midst with My Glory! For I Am the Light of the World, and nothing will put My Fire out, for I have returned to My House!”

The Lord then left me standing before the vast darkened land..........

Susan Cummings


10:15 am

Part 2

I am standing beside the Lord again, and we are standing facing the darkened land before us. I can see the tents spread out across the land and they are still burning with the fire of the Lord within them and upon them. They seem like dancing torches in the wind that blows gently across the land.

I sense the Lord watching me as I look out at the scene before us. I turn and look at the Lord and he raises his eyebrow at me as if to question me. I quickly search my heart to see if I have assumed anything or mistaken anything, and he reaches out to touch my hand. He says, “Do not fear, I am only seeing if you see what I see.”

I then look at him, and I then look at the land before us. I try to see, but am unable to see what he might be trying to show me. I am saddened at this, as I so much want to feel what he feels and to see what he sees. He sees my pain, and he takes my hand in his, and says to me, “You cannot see this, as it has been hidden until now. But now I am showing it to the babes and to the pure in heart. It is time for My Bride to come forth.”

As he spoke, I began to feel a breaking within me, and I felt as if I were being poured out down through my feet and emptied into the ground. I had nothing in me left that had any life of it’s own. I was gone. I now was empty and I felt lost. The Lord then reached out and took my other hand in his, and held them both. He looked at me, and said to me, “You cannot give, what you do not have.”  I then felt a tremendous rush of a thick fiery love pour right up out of the ground and into my being. It was such a passionate and fiery love, that I felt like I would burst if I did not have someone to share it with.

He then looked at me, and said to me, “Now you feel what I feel. Most people reject My Love, and you feel what I feel when it is not received or embraced. I have given My Word to My People to teach them of My Ways, and to learn of Me, yet, they choose to go their own way, and to reject Me. They cannot walk in true love until they have been emptied of themselves, and have experienced Me joining with them. My Bride knows this, and she is preparing herself for Me. She knows that I Am coming for her. She is stripping herself of everything that would cause her to not know Me or to be transformed by My Love. Then, I will come for her.”

As he was speaking to me, I felt alive, and vibrant, and full of Love. I could feel myself flying in the heavenlies, and yet, still was in his arms. It was so liberating and yet so fulfilling to be complete. I had not known what completeness was, and now I know what the bride will feel when the Lover of her soul comes to claim her for Himself!

Then the Lord shook me gently, and I looked at Him. He was smiling at my being caught up in His Love, yet, I knew there was more to what He wanted to tell me. I waited, and He nodded. He turned and looked out over the land again. I turned to follow His gaze. The tents were still burning, and they glimmered brightly in the darkness.

Then, the wind picked up, and the tents were blown upon more strongly. The fires burned all the more brightly, and were flaring up into greater flames. I became alarmed, as the flames began to rage as the winds increased. I could hear the sound of the flames crackle all across the land as they were whipped up and stirred in the stronger winds. It sounded like a forest fire, yet, there were no trees to be seen.

The Lord just smiled as He watched the activity in the tents and the fires increase. Soon, the flames were shooting and towering up higher and higher, whipped into a frenzy and roaring with a great ferocity. As they grew, their light increased, and it began to light up whole entire areas of the vast landscape. I could see patches of land here and there that were exposed by the now much larger fires. The land was barren and lifeless in the light of the tents’ fires.

I then noticed something unusual. The fires began to join together from the other tents. They began to grow so large, that they eventually merged upwards into a large pillar. The fires grew and grew taller and taller, and it looked like a fiery tornado that sat on top of all of the tents that were burning. Their fires had come together, and were now joined at the very top part.

The Lord began to smile very broadly at this time. I felt his desire began to burn even greater.

I had never experienced the Lord’s great desire for His people like this before. It was a very hot fiery love and it was very focused and determined. It was solely given to His People. The people had His full attention and was His Possession. I could feel His Passion for them growing. It was so strong that I felt weak from it’s fierceness and it’s desire.

As I was experiencing this, the Lord moved closer to see the changing scene. I moved up closer to Him and watched as he began to point. He pointed to the flaming pillar of fire that was joined to all of the tents. As he pointed, I watch as the pillar began to grow taller and burn even brighter. It also began to take on different colors. It was changing, and forming at the same time.

The pillar began to turn into a shape of a woman. She had on a flaming dress of fire. She was attached to the tents of meeting that were burning in the land before us! She was the fire that burned within them, and that had now spread out from them! The Lord then said to me, “ You are seeing the bride rise up from within My House.”

“I have hidden her in My Chambers with Me until this hour. She has now begun to be purified in the fires of My Love and of My Truth. She will rise up from the place of Meeting with Me, and will be joined with Me, and will be Mine. I have joined in Covenant with My Own, and they have embraced Me in the fiery trials. Now they will know the Union with Me that they have desired. For I have come to awaken them.”

“It is time for Mine to awaken, and to walk with Me in the depths of that Union upon the earth. This is the hour that My Prophets have proclaimed would come, and that would occur before I come for her. I am fanning the flames within My People. They will either embrace the union with Me, and die to themselves, or they will reject Me.”

“The emptying of yourself that you felt is the dying that will be required to be filled with My Love. For My Love cannot be known apart from death. I am awakening My People to not only know Me, and to know My heart, but to also walk in MY Love and to become My Love to the lost and hurting around them.”

“It is at the point of that death, that My Love enters. That is why it left you and entered the same way. Through suffering and denial will come MY Passion. Then it will become apart of you and you will then know what I know, and see what I see, and feel what I feel, because you will have wholly given yourself unto Me.”

“You are seeing the awakening of My Corporate Bride to My Love and the rising up of her position in My House. She will finally be the True Bride who shines with My Glory. She will reach out to the nations as a witness of My Love. For it is My Love that came to the earth to redeem it from it's sin, and it is My Love that will come again, as a witness, before I return.”

I stood looking at the fiery woman who flamed above the tents.

She turned and pointed at me.

Then it was gone, and the little tents were burning brightly all across the land as before……………..

Susan Cummings


10:15 pm 

 Part 3

I am standing with the Lord again, in familiar territory. Before me are the Tents of Meeting again. I can see them burning brightly over the darkened land, and they are still burning brightly as they did before.

As I watch the Tents, I know that the Lord has brought me here to show me something. The Lord is not beside me visibly, but I know His Presence is with me. So I began to walk closer to the Tent area in front of me. As I began to walk, the wind begins to whip up all around me, and it blows like a storm quite suddenly, and the Tents begin to almost dance in the wind from the blast of the winds that hit them.

The fires all begin to join together again as they did before, and their flames formed the pillar of fire again. I was unsure of coming any closer at this point, and stopped. The pillar of fire again took on the ladies shape, and she seemed to be facing me as she formed in the wind. She pointed at me again, just as she did before.

I froze in my spot. My heart began to beat faster, and I was unsure of what to do. I looked around for the Lord, but He was not standing with me here. So I watched and waited. The wind whipped at the Tents and their fire made the crackling noises and the whipping of the flames grew louder and louder. I grew tense and I sensed that I should draw nearer to the Tents, so I began to walk towards the area ahead of me.

The first tent that I came near to was actually bigger than I expected it to be. It was indeed a tent, in the fact that it was made of material and it was stretched over poles and erected, and held down to the ground by stakes. But it burned with the Glory of the Lord. It burned with a fire that could not be put out. I could feel the heat from the fire but it did not burn me. I could hear the wind whipping the flames, as they made the crackling sound, and it became louder as I stood near the Tent.

The Fire of His Glory radiated off of the Tent, and it seemed to be all throughout the fibers of the cloth, totally permeating the Tent, and not consuming it. it was a very strong fire that burned with a Purpose and it was not a wild fire, but it burned in a controlled fashion. There was heat radiating from it, as I could feel it's warmth as I now stood by it. It was a true physical fire that produced true heat, and not just a fire to look at. I felt a desire to draw nearer, so I reached out to touch the Tent that I had come up to. As I did, the Lord spoke to me and said, "You cannot touch what you do not own."

I turned towards His Voice, and felt such Joy at His Coming. He smiled at my delight, and began to speak to me these words, "You cannot touch what you do not own, daughter."

"In this new season, unless you become what I have shown you, then you cannot touch it, or partake of it. That means that everything that I have shown you, must become a part of you, as it is with Me, and you must be one with My Heart, in order to see them with My eyes."

I said, "Lord, I only want to see them with your eyes, and not my own.  Give me your heart for them, and put your vision within me for your people. Help me not to touch anything that is not yours and that I have not been prepared for." I then felt the fires flare up all around the Tent, and I looked up and I could see the pillar of fire above the Tents, and the lady burning above them. The Lord followed my gaze, as I looked up at her.  I said to the Lord, "Lord give me your fire and love for your people like she is. Let it burn within me, and become a raging fire that’s visible and that has your purpose in it."

The Lord looked at me, and smiled. He nodded to me and said to me, "So shall it be."

All of a sudden a roar came forth above us, and before I could look upwards the pillar of fire blazed down from atop the Tents and hit me full force. I fell to the ground and was in utter agony as it burned within me. I cried out in fear and in torment as I felt His pain and His passion and I was unable to fully carry its weight within me as it was upon me. I was overwhelmed by it all.

The Lord then raised His Hand and the pillar of fire lifted off of me, and resumed its position atop the Tents. I lay there, fully impacted by the fire and its feelings of torment and purging also. But I also felt new emotions that I had not felt before. As I lay there, I became aware of people. I could feel people. I did not see anyone near the Lord and me as I lay outside the Tent, but I could feel their presence. I could feel their pain, and their hunger, and their needs. It dawned on me, that I was now feeling His people! I looked up, and Jesus was smiling at me.

I could feel the Lord's pleasure at my understanding and my awareness. I stood up and felt very shaky. The Lord took my hand and said, "Now you can come near my Tents and now you can see My people. What you have just felt, was the Fire of My Love being burned into you. You cannot know My Compassion until you become one with My Pain. You must know My Pain as well as My Desire for her, before you can ever touch her, or you would defile her. Many people think that they can touch My People and bring change to their lives without having My Love or Compassion for them. You cannot know Me without becoming one with Me, and you cannot know MY Bride without becoming one with her."

 "For she is Mine, and all that she is, will be one with Me. Just as I told you in John 17, is really true. You must not only have a head knowledge of My Word and of My People, bur you must also have a Heart Union with me, just as I had with the Father.  When you have this Heart Union, then you are one with us; and then you can know our hearts and also of My People.  Then you will not defile her, by your own carnal thoughts and by your own practices, as so many have done before. I am turning the hearts of the fathers back to the sons, and the hearts of the sons back to the fathers."

 "Many have not fully understood this. But it must become a reality, before there ever will become true transformation. That is why you could not come near until now. It is time for you to enter My tents. It is time for you to walk in Heart Union with Me and with My People. It is time for you to speak forth My Word to them. It is time for you to speak forth My heart to them, and to give them the Portion that has been given to you today."

 "The feelings of pain, hunger, and need that you felt are only the surface feelings that are first evident as you drew near. But you must know more. You will come to know their very hearts cry and desires, for you will become My Heart to them. You must bring them My Love and must reach out to them, and show them My Healing and My Restoration. For you, and many like you, will go forth and raise up My Tents, like this one, all over the lands.  You must do it quickly, for the storm approaches."

As He said this, I looked, and there was indeed a storm approaching. I could see it afar off. The Lord took my hand and said to me, "You must remain faithful to My People. You must call them back to Me. They must know My Love and MY Heart. You must raise up My House while there is time. Many will come and raise up tents that are not mine. They will raise up tents that will only be prisons of darkness and not Tents of Meeting that will contain My Fire of My Glory. They will herd the people in and drive them by fear, and will only desire to control them and to own them. But I say to you, that My Anger is aroused, and I will not be seen among them."

"For the enemy knows that I am bringing My Tents to Myself, so he is quickly erecting his shelters as well. But that is all they are, shelters, and not habitations. They will have no Fire of My Presence in them, they will have no Light of My Truth to shine within them, and they will have no knowledge of My Love or of My Holiness, but will be empty Shiloh's, just as in the former times. For they will deny Me, and refuse My Discipline, as I come to them with My Fire. So, they will only be empty shelters led by hirelings who will devour them."

I said, "Lord, I have not seen any false tents among yours here", and the Lord said, "Look closer." So I followed His Hand and as I looked out, there were some tents that were on the fringes of the others. I had not noticed them before, as they were not lit up with the Lord's Fire. The enemy had indeed come, and was trying to deceive people into thinking they were in one of the Lord's tents. I was amazed.

The Lord said, "Why are you amazed? It has been from the beginning, and it will be till I return, but there will be no joining of the two. From now on they will be separated, and only Mine will have My Presence. There will be a clear distinction, and My People will know the Truth and will not enter the tents that have not My Fire upon them and within them. Now go, daughter, for there are many that await you. You must speak My Word, and walk in My Love, and build My House as I have now placed its burden within you."

"You will bear the burden of My Heart, as will all who I have given this task. You will carry My Pain and My Love and will know it within you, and will be joined with Me from the Heart, and you will call My People into a Heart Union with Me, as well. For it is for this purpose that you were born. You will bear this burden with My Hand upon you, and I will bring you to each tent, and you will raise it up, and My Fire will fill it and the People. For My People will KNOW ME, and will be ONE WITH ME."

As the Lord was speaking to me, I could feel the impact of His Words as they entered into me. I could feel both pain and love, and I could feel the weight of it. There was so much that we have missed, as His People, as we truly don't realize just how much he does love us and desire us to be one with Him. As I was thinking of these things and trying to absorb them, and fully comprehend all he had just done in me and said to me, I felt His Hand upon my shoulder. I looked up, as He lifted the tent flap before me.

He said, "Now you may enter in, and now you can touch My People."

So, I stepped into the burning Tent of Fire.......

Susan Cummings


5:50 am

Part 4

I lift up the tent flap and enter the tent. My hand feels the tent as I step into it, and it feels like a very weighty fabric.

It is both familiar and yet, new to me. I have not entered here before, yet I know the touch and the feeling of it being in my hand, as it is a living part of the Lord. For the Tent IS the Lord.

 The first thing that I am impacted with as I step in is the sudden thick, heavy Presence of the Lord. The air is literally infused with the Lord. The Cloud of His Presence is so thick that I cannot see anything but Him. It is a heavy cloud that is weighty and yet, it does not need our air or gravity to support it. It is alive with His Spirit and is swirling all around me.

 The Cloud is full of His Light, and there are every color of the Rainbow in its’ Fullness shimmering within it. It is like living colors that float in the air, but it is real substance within it. It is a breathable Glory that permeates everything and everyone who is in it’s midst. I can feel the Lord in the Cloud and all throughout this display, as He is in the Cloud of His Presence. For it is His Pleasure to reveal Himself this way.

There is also a heavy aroma of the Lord as I am standing in the Cloud. I can feel Him holding me as I stand in His midst. No man can stand before Him, unless the Lord holds him, and I can feel Him holding me upright as I stand there. The aroma of the Lord is very pungent and very rich. It is like the fragrance of the spikenard that Mary broke open at His feet. It is also like the Rose of Sharon on a very bright day. It is both exhilarating and yet, humbling to smell Him, and to stand in it.

I breathe Him in, and I can feel strength and brightness as it enters me, and I feel Him so strongly that I feel like I am alive as never before. It is like I am being transformed as I stand there, and also like I am being prepared as I wait upon Him there. You just know that when you are IN Him, you are totally changed, and are not your own.

I feel Him everywhere, and also very much aware of my humanity. How can man come near to Holiness and live? I am thinking this as I am standing in the Cloud of His Presence.  As I am thinking, I sense the very strong presence of the Lord immediately coming to me. I look and there is a very glorious angel who is now standing before me. He is very bright in appearance, yet the authority that he carries is even greater than his appearance.

He says to me, “You have been brought into the Cloud of His Presence, because that is what fills the Tents of His Meeting.     

You have been summoned to walk before the Lord, and to know His Ways. You will know His Holiness and His Severity, by coming into His Glory, and then meeting with Him face to face. It is time for you to walk In Him, and to share His Presence with others. For the Lord is calling many of His People here, to meet with Him.”

“You, and others like you, will walk in His Glory, and will know Him, and will remain in His House. You have been given His Heart and you will walk in that knowledge in the earth. For it is the Lord’s desire that men would walk with Him in the earth once again. It is a truly heart to heart relationship, and it is time for the People of God, to come to their places in Him.  It is time for the Glory of the Father to be enthroned again in their hearts and minds.”

“It is time for men to carry the Lord’s Presence upon their shoulders, and to bear that responsibility daily, as they walk with Him and learn of Him. It is time for the People of the Lord to return to Him and to become responsible for Him in their midst.

The Lord could not release His Presence into the earth until now, because His People did not reverence Him, nor fear Him, nor fully yield to Him. This generation has not sought the Lord, nor given their hearts to Him. He cannot come to those who do not desire Him, nor seek Him.”

“He has chosen this Time, to come to your people and to seek amongst them for a people for Himself. The Lord has searched amongst the people and has looked upon their hearts to see if there is any truth in them. His People do not eat His Word enough. It is the Word that brings Truth deeply into their hearts and brings true life to them. People do not fear the Word of God. They do not love it, nor take ownership of it. They do not receive the Life Source that it is, into themselves. They are not Lovers of the Truth, nor can they be, as they do not truly love the Lord. If you do not love the Truth, you cannot love the Lord, as the Lord is the Living Word. When men reject the truth, they reject the Lord and the Love of the Truth departs from them.”

 “That is why the Father could not come. That is why He has waited, and searched, and called out to His own. That is why He delayed for so long. That is why He has given until there is no Grace left.” As he said these things to me, I could feel the weight of our sinfulness bearing heavily upon me. I felt the rejection that the Lord feels when we reject Him. I felt His Pain and His desire for His People, and it was so deep that I felt I could not take it anymore. I wept uncontrollably at my own refusal of Him. I could see my times of neglect of His altar and when I had almost let the lamp go out, because of my busyness and prayerlessness. I could see the many times that I had not cared enough to pray, but was too tired or selfish. I was weeping and could feel the weight of my own sin. It was more than I could bear. I felt such great pain that I felt my heart tear open.

I cried out in utter agony that I spilled out of myself, it seemed like. I could not hold myself in before Him. I cried out, “Lord, do not leave me, nor forsake me, nor do not take your Holy Spirit from me! Forgive me, Lord!” I was so undone, that I could no longer speak, and I became as dead before Him.

I don’t know what happened while I was lying there, but the angel touched me, and I felt life enter me. I felt a rush of warmth and thick love fill me. It was like honey flowing through my veins yet it burned with a fierce desire for Him. I didn’t know that the Life that was in the blood actually felt like a warm, fiery knowledge and desire for Him. He is in the Blood, and He is in me. I can feel Him coursing through my veins. I feel like I’m free of the old human limitations as I lie there and feel Him entering into me and filling me anew.

The angel then said, “You were told that His People would know the Holiness of the Lord and His Severity. This is just a fraction of a second of what it feels like. Man cannot take the Truth of this knowledge of Him fully. That is why you must remain in His Glory Cloud. If you looked upon Him, His Holiness would destroy your physical flesh.  Yet, you must also know His Pain and His Heart. So you have felt a portion of His Suffering as it relates to your rejection of Him. You also felt the impact of your humanity and its tendency to loving the darkness more than loving His Light.”

“When men will acknowledge this truth, and utterly forsake themselves, and come to Him, then they will know Him. Men say they know Him, but they do not, as they do not fully surrender to Him and walk in obedience to Him. They do not crucify their flesh and it’s desires, and so they do not reverence them in their lives. If they did, then they would not so easily sin against Him or against themselves. They do not desire to walk in the Light of His Truth, as they would then be required to walk in Holiness.”

“You also experienced the Severity of the Lord as you saw your own sin. The Severity of the Lord to you, is also His Grace. For unless the Lord draws you, then you cannot come to Him or know Him. He alone called you to Himself. It is His Grace that held you in place so that you could stand in His Cloud of His Presence. It is His Grace that caused you to feel Him and to smell Him and to taste of His Goodness. It is His Grace that enabled you to see His Living Light and live.”

“Men do not want Him, they only want a knowledge of Him. They hold Him at arms length and never embrace Him. Those days are over. No more will He call to those who do not fully embrace Him. No more will He reach out to those who refuse the Truth or to walk in His Light. No more will He speak to those who do not eat His Word. No more will He listen to those who daily curse Him and rebel against Him. He is Holy, and will only draw near to those who Love Him.”

“It was also God’s Grace that showed you your sinful heart and it’s absolute rebellion against Him. People do not love the Lord enough to want to see the Truth. They do not want the Light to be shed abroad in their hearts that they might be healed. They do not want their true condition to be seen, as they do not want to acknowledge that they do not know Him or want to. So, they lie throughout their lives to themselves, and walk in rebellion and darkness.”

“You must walk in Holiness before the Lord, and embrace His Severity before you can walk in Union with Him. It is not enough to receive forgiveness for your sin, but you must also own that sin, and then utterly cast it down, and become transformed in your mind and heart. For without transformation, there is no true change. You will repeat your sinful ways and walk in your vain ways if you do not let the Atonement of Christ work its work within you. It is a transforming work, not just a covering over, as men think. It is the Life that is in the Blood that sets you free.”

“The Life of Christ is in the Blood and it is His Life that was shed upon the Cross. It is that same Blood that flows through you and that changed you as you passed through the Severity of His Gaze. It is that same passage through which all men will walk. All must come to a knowledge of His Atonement and embrace it, to fully walk in freedom. It is then that men will walk in His Spirit and in His Truth. They will know both the Holiness and the Severity of the Lord within them and their flesh. Then they will fear Him and walk in reverence before Him.”

“This is what is coming to His People. This is why it will be a terrible birth. This is why His People in America and Canada will mourn, as they see their sin of utterly forsaking Him and following after their own lusts.  The Lord is lifting the veil of deception in this time of Visitation, so that all men will see the Truth, and those who receive it will be forgiven. Those who reject the Truth will be cast into the total darkness of deception, and will await the day of punishment with no further hope of restoration, for they did not receive the Truth and rejected the Life that was shed for them.”

“You know the Heart of the Father. You have no other course but to walk in it. You have been forgiven and changed, and now you must walk before the Lord in humility and in reverence, as you have tasted of Him. You have partaken of His Body and His Blood and have entered into Covenant with Him. There is no forgiveness left to those who have partaken as you have, and then who walk away from the Lord into their own ways again. His Word is clear that all men must walk in the Knowledge of Him and of His Ways truthfully. You now know the Truth and now you must fully walk in it. You must remain In Him.”

“Go now, and walk In Him in the earth. Find His People, and show them His Ways and His Word. Speak the Truth and love His people with His Love. Watch over them, and keep His Commandments for His Word is Truth and Life to those who obey it. Mark His Word and eat it daily. For it will be your Strength and your Source from now on. No other food will be seen in His House, as men will learn to eat of Him from now on, and not on their own desires.”

“Go, and enter into His Camp, and see the other tents before you. For the Tents are in readiness for His Camp to now be erected, and brought into His Order. For His Pillar of Fire is now in the midst of the Camp, and will remain there with them until the end.”

Submitted this day,

Susan Cummings


5:30 am

Part 5

The Dream of the Storm

The day has been far spent, and the hour has been wearisome. I tiredly wait as I sit looking out over the lands. It has been a long journey, as the time has passed slowly, and much preparation has been done. It has now come to the end of the day, and the preparations have now ceased.

All is finished and now awaits the fruit to be revealed.  I sit thinking of these things, and resting myself along the hillside.  The tents are burning before me with a glow of readiness and anticipation. I can feel the tents. I can feel the anticipation growing within them. The King is coming. The King is within each tent, but He is also coming in a new way also. There is an air of expectation and trembling in the camp.

I can feel the trembling grow within me. I begin to scan the tents arrayed before me. Each one is full of God’s Fire and Glory, but awaits more, as they know the King is coming. The knowledge of this causes me to begin to shake and to be in awe. This is a glorious hour in which to be in God’s House.  The earth has not seen this House yet, and it will shake under the weight of it’s unveiling. The Lord will be glorified in His House.

I sit there scanning the tents, and thinking of the revealing. I feel the beating of my own heart as I am amazed at all the Lord has done within us, in such a short time.

The Lord then said to me, ”Why should you be amazed at My handiwork?  All I need is a willing people.  All I need is a humble people.  All I need is a people who desire Me more than themselves.”  I turned and the Lord was sitting on the hillside next to me. He had been there for awhile, and had been watching me as I watched and thought of the tents below. He smiled, and said, “Yes, it is time for the unveiling. But it won’t come as many think. For all that I have done in the preparation, has been done from within, and from behind the scenes, and much of what I have done, has not been entirely understood by them, but it will become clear, as I unveil them.”

“Look, and see what now comes upon the lands.”   I turned, and followed the Lord’s hand, and out on the horizon, was the

coming storm. It had grown and increased till it was a great expanse of darkness and fierce wrath. It was dark out, but this storm could be seen, as its darkness was not like the darkness of the light, but it was a darkness of form.

As I watched, the storm came closer and neared the edges of the outer most tents. I could hear the winds and the raging of the storm as it drew closer, but I also felt something that I had not felt for awhile.  I looked at the Lord in surprise. He nodded, and solemnly looked back at the storm. “You have seen correctly, daughter.  Justice has decreed that it now come. For the reaper must reap what is not Mine, and separate the Holy from the profane.”

“The destroyer must also come, and be given its own also.  For the choices have been made, and the Word must now be fulfilled.  What is Holy is Holy, and what is unclean is now unclean.  What is for destruction is now given over to it.  What is for purging and the fires of tribulation, is now cast into the furnace of affliction.  What is for Life, is placed in My House.”

I looked at the storm as He spoke. I shuddered as the coldness of the darkness came nearer. I drew closer to the Lord, as I wanted to be near His warmth and not near the darkness of death. He nodded and pointed to the storm.

The storm came closer and the tents burned brightly as the storm came to it’s edges of the fires upon the tents. What was amazing to watch was the wind and the thick darkness of the storm was rising and increasing as it drew near.  The winds within blew louder and louder as it increased in size. The darkness became more darker, if that is a good description.

It became thicker, maybe, or more intense. It also was cold, hard, wrath that was death itself.  Then it dawned on me. The plague had begun.  Suddenly I jumped up, and ran down the hill towards the tents. I got up to the edge of the first rows of tents and the Lord stopped me. He said, “You cannot stop the death plague. The choice has been made. My Own are being brought into My House. You have warned and have declared the hour.

Now it must come. For the reapers await the plague’s passing.”  I stood there, and watched as the Storm awaited the Lord’s command. The Lord raised his hand, and cried out with a loud voice, “Let those marked for slaughter, be given to the slaughter. Let those marked for destruction, be destroyed. Let those marked for persecution, be tormented and plagued and brought to their knees. Let those who are marked for the plague, be consumed by their own greed and hardness. Let those who are Mine, be glorified in Me.”  The Storm lifted up, and raged and a great thick, black form of destruction began to pour forth in all directions over the tents and the lands. I cried out, and hit the ground on my face. I could not bear the destruction of so many. But the Lord reached down and pulled me up, and said to me, “You must not weep. You must stand. You knew this day would come. You cried out with My Voice till all who would listen came into My House. The time to enter is now closing, for the storm is now come. The Destroyer now comes and will reap his due. The Death Angel will now pass over the land.”

“I have repeatedly warned My People of the coming storm.  I have shown My Prophets.  I have shown My Watchman.  The Trumpets have sounded this day’s coming.  There are no more warnings.  My Grace has been given to My Own, and has wrought its work within them, so that they can now stand in this hour.  All others will be given over to their portion.” 

“The Day of Bondage is over for My People. I have brought deliverance to them. I am bringing them forth with a great release, and it will come as I did before for Israel when they were in Egypt. My people are in entering My tents. They are being brought into Goshen.  They are in My place for them.  They are prepared for their season, and will come forth, as the day passes and the new day is ushered in. I told you that it was the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end.”

“The Culmination of all things has now begun. Just as I wrought a great deliverance for My People then, it was only a foreshadow and type of the great unveiling that I will break forth in this end hour. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything that had an end, is now reborn. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. All things are wrought in Me, and through Me. For I AM in all things, and all things are created in Me.”

“The Death Angel now comes and takes what is not under My Blood.  Everything will now be judged for it’s fruit, and each will receive it’s due reward.  I have given time for My People to come to Me.  I have made

My Blood available for all men to receive.  I have given all men the equal chance to come to Me, and to be redeemed and cleansed. I have waited till the wrath has been heaped up, and no man would live if I did not bring forth its hour. Unless I release My Grace, and bring this hour forth, death would consume all flesh from the greatness of the sin that has accumulated. The cries from under the Throne have cried out for this day, that they would be avenged for their blood that was shed, and the injustice that has ruled over the people of God. Righteousness travails for Justice and Truth travails for the Unveiling.”

“I told you it would be a terrible birth in this nation. Indeed, it will be. All nations will reel under the exposure and the Truth that they have rejected. It will be a terrible price. It will be a terrible cry as the Truth brings the day into being. Men will indeed mourn for they rejected Me, and My Truth.  There will be no repentance for each has been given over to their portion.”

I watched the tents as the Lord spoke. The Storm raged and it’s blackness was thick and cold as the Death Angel passed over. I could see it’s form spreading out like a huge black wave. It became like a dark cold blanket that began to spread out and unfold. I could feel the hate and the rage of its fury. It made me shake as I watched it cover the lands. I could not fathom the feelings that stirred within me and wanted to be screamed out, but could not.  The Lord only nodded at me.  He too shared my feelings. He too desired His creation to live.

I said to the Lord, “What will happen to your tents, Lord?” The Lord said, “Watch and see.”  As I looked, the Lord raised His hand again, and suddenly I could see through the darkness and I could see the tents under the storm. The tents were burning brightly and were not even touched by the darkness, the plague, and the fury of the destroyer. They were not even affected by the winds that raged or the death that spread out. They were under the Blood.

The Lord then said,” I said in My Word, that when the Death Angel passed by, those in My House will not be touched. But the firstborn of all men will perish that are not in My House.  What you see is the destroyer taking the firstborn of all men, and bringing it’s power down to it’s rightful place. The firstborn of men, has always been their pride.  The first born sons are always the proud and joy of the fathers, and they always had the greater portion.  The first born works of men have always been the idol that they erect and worship. The first born of animals were always reserved for the best and the choicest of all offerings, and have been given over to devils and the unclean sacrifices and have polluted the hearts of men with their adulteries and their rituals. 

Their sorceries have darkened the light of Truth and have defiled the land and the hearts of men.  There are no pure altars among men or true worship anymore apart from My House.”

“The plague has begun. The Death Angel now comes, and the passing over has begun  The disclosing of the blood now unveils. I told you before, that what was not atoned for by My Blood would now be judged. What was not totally cleansed by Me, was now given over to uncleanness. My Blood will no longer be scorned. It will no longer be made as nothing in the sight of men. My Life is in the Blood. My Life is the Covering of My people. The Death Angel passes over, as it sees Me covering My House.

For I have placed My Life within My Own, and they now stand IN Me.”  “Make no mistake, daughter.  The reaper will reap. The destroyer will destroy and carry off its spoil.   The plague will utterly purge the land, and what remains will be what is Holy. The terrible birth has begun. I told you that the angel Holiness and the angel Terrible have begun. It will now be seen what is Holy, and what is done will be terrible. For both have begun their trek across this land, before the Storm, as a witness to all men.  Many have discounted your warning. Many have discounted My Prophets, but it will come, for My Word always is accomplished as I have spoken it.  It will not come as they thought.  But it will come as I have decreed. For My Word is the seed, and it now breaks forth.”

“What you see before you has now come to birth. It is now on the fringes of your land. It is at the threshold.  It is the hour of unveiling.  All we be disclosed.  All will be reaped. Both houses will be filled. Mine and the Destroyers.  The Hour of Travail has begun, and the storm now comes.”

“Your nation has chosen it’s head. It has made it's allegiances and will reap the fruit of it’s choice.  They trust in their hearts desire, and will be given over to it, but it will not protect them, nor atone for them in the hour that now comes forth. Men will see who the True God is, and will mourn for their choice.   Oh, that men would choose Me as their King, and not place their hearts in men. Such has it been from the beginning, and such will it be till the end. The deceiver must rule for an hour and separate the houses.  I told you that both the true tents and the false tents would be side by side till the end. The storm will purge out the true, and consume the false.  For all things must be fulfilled, and be accomplished as it is written in My Word.”

“The Scroll is being unrolled as I showed you. My People are discerning and understanding the Hour, and they will walk in My Truth within My House. For they bear My Mark, and My Blood, and My Word. As the Storm passes over, My House will burn brightly with My Fire, as a witness in the earth.  Nothing that is Mine will be touched.  For all has been prepared. My Glory is upon My Own and within her. I told you that those who were IN Me, were Mine, and were hidden IN Me, and were One with Me.

All that is Mine, is Mine. All that is given to Me, I now will glorify in the earth. For I will be glorified. I will be seen. I will be revealed as Holy.”  “That which was, and that which is, and that which is to come, now shall be.   For the Father will now be glorified through thee. These words I have told you. Now you will come to understand them.   Now you will see them fulfilled in the earth, for the lands will now give birth.”

As the Lord finished speaking, He sat down again. I sat by His side.  The tents were burning before us, as the scene changed back to the familiar setting stretched out in the twilight.  The storm was on the outer edges churning, as it waited at the threshold.  Silence thickened around us as I pondered all I had seen and heard.

Then it all lifted, and I awoke from the dream.

Susan Cummings


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