Suggested Links


Messianic Ministries - Very informative website from a Messianic Jew living in the land of Israel. While there is much common ground, there is too much material covered to give a blanket endorsement.  I would just give this general caution with all websites including; wherever doctrinal assertions are made, be a 'Berean' - receive with a ready heart and then search the scriptures to assure the validity of any doctrinal statement.

News Resources   - Koenig's International News  - Israel Today  - News from Israel

Zion's Cry   - World News from a perspective that views being "politically correct" as sin.

Mercy Ministry in Africa  - Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 5:3  Rolland and Heidi Baker began Iris Ministries, Inc., an interdenominational mission, in 1980 and have been missionaries for the past twenty-five years.