The Brook of Precious Stones

Once there was a young shepherd boy who gathered five smooth stones from the brook that runs through the valley of Elah.  Even in response to his heart felt question:  Is there not a cause?

Today; as the Goliaths of religious perversion walk to and fro throughout the land, the voice of the Chief Shepherd can be heard by those whom the Spirit of the Lord has granted ears to hear…

As the King of Glory sees the reproach upon the Solemn Assembly of the Most High God… a cry is heard once again… Is there not a cause?

Today in Israel; if one were to go to the place of the brook where David chose wisely; you would see a dry river bed.  How can you tell where the brook was? By looking for the smooth stones! As they stand out in stark contrast to the jagged rocks all around.

As the Chief Shepherd walks through the land this day; He is looking for smooth stones.  He is looking for the Precious Stones that have been faithful to stay in the river of His anointing… being washed by the water of His Word, and being shaped as well by our contact with other living stones as we love one another and minister life to one another.

Our Redeemer is looking for those Precious Stones who have submitted themselves to His mighty rushing river.  These stones are accurate… they will hit the mark of our King’s choosing… as they are released from His might sling.

He has a bag… and He is gathering.  And soon… Goliath will never again be heard in the land .

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