I am building a new house, says the Lord.  I am building MY house My way, the house that the gates of hell will not prevail against.  The new house is strong because the foundation is strong. 

The foundation is My apostles and My prophets.  Today is the day of the fullness of My times and My plans regarding My house.  Today is the day of the restoration of all things.

I am restoring all things and with this restoration will come My perfect plan for My house.  Completeness, wholeness, and perfection is coming to My house.

My church shall be without spot or wrinkle.  My church shall arise from the rubble of the religious and traditional churches built by man.  This rubble will be the result of My shaking.  As My church arises, it shall not even resemble that which man has built, but will be a pattern designed by My Father, and built by wise master builders.

My church is complete with My five-fold government in place.  When even one is missing, needs of My people do not get met.  It takes all of them to protect, feed, nurture and mature My people.  I gave them ALL: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to prepare My people for work in the harvest fields.

Yet are My people working?  No.  The fields are white with the harvest but the workers are still few.

 As My church is set in order and built properly, the workers will arise and take up the sickle.

I am shaking every thing that can be shaken once more and with sudden urgency for the time is upon My church to harken to My voice.

The time is full and I am coming soon.  And I will have a harvest.

"author unknown"

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