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Vision of The Great Hall - Part 1

I am standing before a Great Hall of some sort. I see it in front of me.  I turn to look behind me and there is the desert. It is scorched and barren. Yet my heart is drawn to the desert. For there in the desert was I born. It was my destiny. I am torn by my oneness with the desert for it became my companion in my pain. It was my solace in my loneliness. It was my strength in my purification.

Yet, I see the Great Hall before me. The call has gone forth and I am summoned. I have come to the Great Hall of the King. My feet knew the way. For the knowledge is born within us. The Days of Preparation have ended and the time has come to gather before Him. For the Time of Silence has ran its course and the fruit thereof shall be known. The Gathering has begun, and those chosen have made their way to the Great Hall.

I turn back to the Hall before me. I feel an awe begin to settle within me as I behold the door before me. I fear greatly to touch the door, but in quiet resoluteness, I take the handle. My hand flows into the door, and I flow through to the other side. I am admitted entrance.

There is a heavy presence in the room. I tremble and I am greatly afraid. I reach out and everything goes black around me. I am taken up somewhere.  I see a flicker of light ahead of me. It is very small, but strong.  I am aware of an odor, heavy with spice. I cannot breathe for the heavy air around me. I walk closer to the flame. I see that it is a candle, and that the flame is multicolored. It is like beholding a rainbow that burns.  It is a lone candle on a silver tray. I am aware of a slight breeze moving around me now.  I have no fear, yet I tremble at the presence of the room.

I feel myself moving forward and the breeze stirs around me as I walk. It is cool, yet warm, gentle-yet strong.  I am confused, but I feel to walk closer. Closer to who? So I continue to walk. I feel something brush my cheek. I am startled, yet I do not fear. I am aware that the wind has increased to a gentle breeze and it swirls around me, like a whirlpool. I am comforted.

As I walk forward, I sense that I have passed something. I am not to go back. But I reach out beside me. I feel only the breeze. I cannot see before me as the heavy odor has clouded the area. I am sure that I am moving forward. I then come to a stop. The breeze stops. It is silent all around me.

I begin to tremble, for I am aware of a fear rising up within me. It is not a scared fear, but an awful awareness of the Lord. I feel as though I am standing in a hard steel embrace. Yet, nothing holds me. I fall on my face, and cry out to the Lord. For I feel the Holiness of His Gaze. I am aware of a passing of time. I cannot raise my head. Yet I feel, and I hear, and I am alert. I hear voices. I feel rushing thoughts all around me. How can that be? Yet they flow right through me. There is such a sense of assurance that I am calmed.

I feel something placed over me. Immediately I am strengthened. I stand straight up and am very energized! All around me are multitudes!!! I am in total shock!!  I turn to see, and I am aware of a hush of the voices. It is strangely quiet now. I begin to fear, and the Lord says to not be afraid. I turn back to the voice that spoke to me. I see the most dazzling form of colorful light, and power, and electricity emanating from Him. I cannot speak. I fall asleep.

When I wake up I am in a room. It is like a veiled tent of sorts. There are curtains all around me. They are not thick, but are very strong. They are not fabric, but are like living essence. It is a strange place, but I feel secure here. I begin to look around me. I see many items of war in this room. There are spears, axes, swords, staffs, and rods. They are piled up in a pile before me. It is strange but I can hear them speaking. They are calling out for their owners. I cannot understand their language, but I know it instinctively. They are destined for use by the warriors that have been called. They await their time for battle.

But, I know that none of them are mine. I search and look around. I don’t see anymore weapons, except for that one pile. There is a table in the room. So I go to the table. On the table is a candle that is not lit. There is a vessel that is not in use. There is a golden censer laying by them, that is not yet filled. It calls my name. I understand it’s voice. I pick up the candle, the vessel, and the censer.

Instantly I am back in the Great Hall. The multitudes are standing in rank before the Lord. There is no sound except from the Lightning and the Thunder that are before His Throne. I can hear the whirling of the waters. The roar of the water as it flows from the Throne. It is not a gentle flowing, but a mighty rushing forth. The water is the Living Holy Fire.

As I stand there, I feel to walk into the water. I walk towards the water and I shake so strongly that I fall into it. The Water burns me completely, and yet it flows around me like water. It burns yet it heals. I feel strange. I tingle all over, yet I feel like flaming fire. I lift up my hands unto the Lord in the midst of the water. Out of my hands come forth flames of blue. I raise my arms in worship and it flows through me like air. It becomes a part of me.  Then, I am standing before the Living Whirlwind. The Lord is in the midst of the Glory and is Holiness.

He points to me. He says to me…..

What I have given unto you this day is for the final battle. It is for My Children.

The candle is the Word of Truth that you will declare and that you will publish abroad.  For I have called many of My warriors to myself. They have stood before Me, as you are, and have been given their choice. Each word has been weighed and measured. Each one must choose carefully, and must prepare to move at my command.  

The empty vessel is your Destiny. It is empty because it has awaited this hour for birth.  I have chosen each of My Children to live and to rule in this hour. They are at attention, and have placed all things in My Hand. They each will walk in the Light of My Will.

The golden censer is the Baptism of Fire that I have waited to release unto you. For I have reserved the greater portion for this last generation. My Children will walk in My Fire, and will bring forth My Justice in the earth. For My Vindication is released upon the wicked, and the purging fires have begun and will increase.

What I have begun will not cease until the purging is complete. Then will come My Wrath.

As I stood there, I was looking down at my hands. I was still holding the three items. I wondered why there were not more people. I was aware of the multitude that stood before His Throne, but where were the others who were to come?

As I looked up, I was standing before the desert once again…

Susan Cummings


2:00 a.m.

Part 2

I see myself standing before the desert. I am back at the place of my birth. I look at the vast expanse before me, and try to decide what to do next. I look back behind me, and the Great Hall is still there.  It is a strange comfort to me now. I feel pulled to the Door, yet, I know that I must go back into the desert.  

So, I turn and begin my journey back into the rolling sands of the desert. It doesn’t feel like a desert to me though. I am puzzled. It is the same desert that I just came out of, yet, it is not the same anymore. I have changed. The desert is not one with me anymore. I feel a range of emotions well up from within me, and yet I feel comforted at the same time. I was thinking about these things while I was walking along.

I began to hear a faint whirring noise coming from the East. I don’t know how I knew it was East, because in the natural, I don’t know directions, but here, I just knew it. The sound puzzled me at first. It began to get closer. I then realized that it was not a whirring noise after all, it was a huge sandstorm that was heading my direction. I saw it coming, and I began to look for a shelter of some sort. I looked around, and there was nothing but brush and sparse vegetation here and there. There was no where to go.  I began to feel panic trying to rush through my mind, but I felt the Lord say to me to light my candle.  I thought to myself, what good is a candle in a sand storm? But I did light it anyway.

The sandstorm came closer, and I lit my candle. It’s little flame began to flicker in the wind. The closer the sandstorm got, the bigger my little flame got. I was surprised.  Then the storm reached where I was standing, and I braced myself for the impact. But I was totally shocked that I felt nothing but a light breeze rush by me! The sand did not beat at me, but it circled around me! I was in an eye of some sorts. My flame was steady and bright. I looked around me, and the sand whirled and raced by, and it was red sand. I did not know there was red sand in America. But this sand was red.

I stood there in the storm sheltered, and unaffected. I don’t know how long it was, but I was calm and steady. When it began to subside, I began to look around, and to check out what had happened. Everything that was growing outside for vegetation was gone. It was all stripped away. The land was totally flat, and there was nothing for miles around.

The sandstorm had stripped the land bare.

I stood there wondering what to do next. The Lord’s voice spoke to me to release the fire from my censer upon the ground. I thought to myself, why there is nothing to burn!

But I reached out my censer that was full of fire, and took some of it and let it fall upon the ground. The fire hit the ground and it began to race upon the ground like streaks of lightning. It would flash here and there, and it would streak back and forth.

I watched it in amazement for it was running along the ground very fast.

There was no wind to carry it. It burned and it flashed on it’s own volition. I did notice that the path that it took was focused and direct.  What I did not realize was that it was marking out the land. It was drawing patterns in the ground.  Burning outlines in the ground.  Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. The fire just ceased. It vanished.  I stood there wondering where it went. The ground looked like a checkerboard of sorts.

The lines were deeply etched and scorched into the ground. I walked over to a place that was marked and I began to feel the markings. They were smoldering and were very strong smelling. It reminded me of burnt flesh.  

I stood up and the ground began to shake beneath my feet. I looked down, and the ground opened up, and I saw people come up out of the marked areas. There were steps leading down into the ground where they had been hidden below the ground. I was amazed! There were multitudes who were coming up out of the ground. There were men, women, and children. They were very strong and fierce looking people. They began to come up to me, and to greet me!

I began to laugh and was so overcome with Joy at seeing them that I could not stand. So I sat before them rejoicing.

Then, I heard the Lord speak to all of us…

What you have witnessed is the stripping away of all of the facades and the covers that have hidden the truth from my people. I have come with my fury and have blown away every opposing force that has hindered them, and that has tried to destroy them. I have also removed every high place and every man-made thing that has stood in the way of my Remnant.  Now my fury will be seen upon the rebellious and the wicked. I have brought forth the Indignation, and it will not be quenched till the cup is full of my Vindication.

My Holy Fire has wrought a Holy Work within My Own, and it has fashioned them and tempered them. They are now prepared to release My Righteous Judgements in the earth. The fire has ran it’s course in the earth, seeking those who would embrace it. Those who embraced it were sheltered within it’s flames. Now they are brought forth to pour it out upon the earth. For My Holiness will be seen in My People!

The land will no longer hide the sin. It will spew it forth for all to see. Everything will now be shown for what it is, and will be judged by it’s fruit. Great darkness follows the Storms. The Word bears witness to the Truth.  Many will not heed the Truth, nor the Storms.  For none sees the handwriting on the wall.

The reason you were overcome with Joy at the sight of My servants rising up out of the ground, is because they have been hidden, and have now been brought forth. You have foretold their coming. They have entered into their season of release. Now it will spring forth! Many will recognize them, and they know you. For all are knit together in My House.  My House is complete.

Take heed to My Word, and behold……….

For now, it comes to pass before your very eyes……………

Susan Cummings


12:00 a.m.

Part 3

I am standing looking at the multitudes that have emerged before me. They have come out from the ground and have come forth at the command of the Lord. They have a soft looking garment on them. It is kind of a creamy appearance and it shimmers in the sunlight. They have a gold type of rope or cord around their waist. There are men, women, and children, all bearing the same Glory.

As I am looking at them, I feel a sense of expectancy rise up within me.  

I sense that something is going to occur. I feel the surge of anticipation rise up within me.  The whole group that has just emerged has turned to look at something. I cannot tell what is happening, but I begin to look around for a direction from the Lord.

I turn around, and behind me is the Great Hall again. But it is farther away than at previous times. It is as though we have traveled a distance and yet, we did not feel any movement. The door of the Great Hall has opened.  It is ajar, and there are people who are coming up to the door. I cannot see them clearly. I had never seen the door open before. When I had visited before, I had just passed through it.  Now it was open. I began to desire to be closer, and I felt myself being lifted up and then, I was there.

I saw a group of people who were at the door. Some were talking and visiting in front of the door. Some were arguing about who would go in first. One man was saying that he was the elder, so he had to go in first.  I watched as this elder stepped up to the threshold of the door.

Suddenly a fire raged out of the Great Hall and consumed this man. Instantly I was on my face. I was afraid for the people who stood there.

But to my surprise, the people only laughed. One lady said that it served him right for being so proud.  I was overcome with grief for the man who died.  Another person stepped forward, and it was a woman. She had a tall regal bearing to her. She was not scared, but strong.  She looked at the group with a steely look and moved towards the door.  I called out to her, but she just ignored me.  She stepped up to the Great Hall and at the door, she said that she was not afraid. She looked inside, and the same fierce fire came roaring out and consumed her also.

The group laughed this time also, but it was a slightly nervous laugh.

They began to bunch together. I could not hear what they were saying to each other.  But I felt a fear rise up within me for them.  I tired to call out to them, but no sound would come out. I was silenced!

I watched as they gathered together as a group. They moved as one towards the door.  I could hear them arguing about what they would do at the door. They stood at the door. No one moved. It was silent. I waited, and watched as they waited. When nothing happened for a few minutes they laughed, and began to enter.

When the first one stepped in, the Holy Fire came roaring out with a great roar, and it consumed them also. I fell down weeping for them, and for all of us.  Then I heard a voice speaking. I looked up. The voice boomed out loudly, Who may enter into My Holy Sanctuary?  There was dead silence. I was shaking so badly that I could not answer. All I could do was to lay there.

I looked around me. I had nothing but my empty vessel. I had used the candle and the censer in the great sandstorm. I only had the empty vessel in my hands.  I was thinking about this, when I heard the voice say again, Who may enter my Holy Sanctuary?

It then dawned upon me that the voice was speaking to me. I was terribly afraid and I could not speak.  I cried out in my heart, Lord you alone know……… Then I felt a warmth flow into me. I stood up and I looked at the door. I was afraid to go near it.

I had been there before, but this was different. The timing was different.  It was the same Great Hall, but the door being open was important.  It was for a different purpose than before…… I did not understand why I was here alone, but I felt that I was to come near to the door.

I hesitated, and I looked back behind me, and I could see the group of chosen ones off in the distance. They were all watching me. They were silent and were not moving. I wanted to rejoin them. But I felt that I was here for them as well.

So I turned back, and stepped forward. I was afraid to walk up to the door. So I put my empty vessel that was in my hands, out in front of me.  I walked up to the door. I said, Lord I am not worthy to enter here, but if you would take this empty vessel instead, I will give it to you. So I bent down to place it at the threshold, and instantly I was sucked into the room. I was back into the Great Hall. The Lord was standing before me with a Glorious Canopy of Color surrounding Him.

He looked at me, and I was not afraid. His gaze was not of steel as it was the last time, but this time it was of liquid Love. His gaze bore right through me, yet it was a gentle embrace.

He spoke to me and said, Daughter, do you understand what has happened today?  I said, no Lord. Why did your people die in the Fire at the door?

The Lord said to me:

I have repeatedly called and beckoned to my people to enter into My Rest. I have given them every opportunity to come to Me and to be refreshed and to be healed. Those who came to Me were fully restored. You have seen them.  They stand and have watched with you today.  What you have just seen is the ones who have not chosen to be refined in My Holy Fire, but instead will be consumed in My Righteous Judgements.

Some come to me out of their arrogance and their pride. They think that because they are leaders that they have the right to walk before me in their own eyes.  They think that they have earned their way, and that I will accept them.  They do not walk in love or mercy, but tread upon my people to be the first.

Some will try to come to me out of their own strength and their works. They have made their own path, and have stood and have wrought their own vision. They have gotten the victory and have control over their enemies. They have no fear of the Lord or of His Holiness. They only see their victories and their accomplishments. They neither see their weaknesses nor their sins.  They have no humility and they cannot stand my children who are.

Many think that they can do what they want to and that I will not see them or will I expose them because they are in My House. I have already judged them and they do not realize that they have been left outside. They gather together and seek to gather strength by identifying with each others needs.  They have not removed the high places.  My Presence has left them long ago.

When I brought you here the first time, it was to give you the necessary tools for your assignment. I wanted you to see the great price that was paid for your obedience and for your willingness.  What you left with was My Holy Fire and My Authority.

Today, I showed you what will happen to those who have not chosen to come to me. They will not have My Plan for them, and neither will they know the way to go. For they will only try and strive from now on. What is deep within them will now come out and it will influence their decisions. They will try to do My Will in their own strength, and from their own intellect.  They neither base their faith upon a desire to please Me or to serve Me.  But they are led by their own passions and lusts.  

When you brought the empty vessel before me and laid it at the door. It was the only thing that is acceptable. The act of humility and of utter inability in your own flesh is what saved you.  My people have lost the Fear of the Lord.  You used your candle and your censer in service for my sheep. But the empty vessel is Holy unto Me.  It is your total abandonment to Me and your complete faith in My Son. Many do not respect My Son, nor do they think that they need a savior.

When you offered Me the empty vessel, I took it and it was then filled with Fire from My Holy Altar. I took your offering and I filled it with My Holiness, and I now give it back to you. Take the vessel…

I looked, and an angel came up to me, holding my vessel. It was mine, yet it was not.  It had changed.  It was a beautiful blue. It held Fire from the Altar.  The flames were multicolored. They danced in the small vessel.

I reached up to take the vessel. As I grasped it, my hands went numb. I could not feel my hands. I was alarmed. But the Lord said to me, Do not fear My Fire. What I have given to you will not become defiled. That is why you cannot feel you hands. My Fire is Holy and it will consume that which is not!  Man will not touch this Fire!

Then the Lord said to me, Drink this vessel of Fire. I was surprised and I looked at Him. I hesitated, and I said yes, Lord. So I put it to my lips. My lips became instantly numb. Yet, they also burned. It was a kind of tingly burning numb sensation. The Lord said to me, Do not fear My Word.  It will come forth as Fire.  That which I have put within you will burn as it comes forth. Man has perverted My Word long enough! Now it will consume those who have polluted it!

I have many vessels of honor. You have seen them. They are filled with My Righteous Fire and My Holy Jealousy. My Fire will precede them and will come forth at My Command.  For My Word will be established in the midst of My People once again.

My Holy Fear will be upon them and they will know that I am the Lord in their midst.

I stood there with my mouth on fire and my hands numb. I could neither speak nor move. I could only watch and hear. I began to cry. I felt the Fire go down my mouth into my belly. It felt like a storm tossing around in there. It burned and quaked. Yet it trembled and it feared. It rumbled and rolled. I felt many things.

I looked up at the Lord in awe. He smiled at me.

Then it was all gone…

I was standing before the group of people again. They were waiting for me…

Susan Cummings


11:30 pm


Part 4

 The Living Jewels of Truth

I am left standing before the vast group of men, women and children again. They are the beloved of the Lord, chosen to serve in the Hour of Trial. They have changed though, as they are not wearing their robes anymore, but a jeweled garment. It is hard to describe, but it is a garment that has implanted jewels all over it.  The Jewels are blazing with color and are alive in their garments. They have a living essence about them that I can see with my eyes.

My heart is beating fast as I watch their living garments flash and blaze with the Glory of the Lord. I wonder about them, and I notice a man come up to me. He points to me, and I look down at myself. I am wearing the same garment!!!  I am shocked!!!  I did not know that my garments had even been changed. I did not feel any difference from the change till this moment. It was such a seemingly smooth change that I had not even felt it change!

I looked back up to this man. He backed up, and went back to the group. I stood there.

I wondered what I should do now. The thought then came to me, to release the fire. So I stretched out my hands and said, "Lord, I release your Holy Fire upon your people, according to your Word." When I said that, a great roar came forth, and the fire blazed forth like a blowtorch!  It hit the people and the whole group ignited like a forest fire!!! I was terrified that they had perished. I cried out to them, and I ran up to them, and I looked for them in the fire. All I could see was fire.

Then, an amazing thing happened……the flames that had ignited them all had turned into the most beautiful aura, or Glory, that I had ever seen.

It emanated from them, and it was alive!!

I could feel the Living Essence that was in the stones of their garments, had now been released to fully inhabit them personally. They emanated the Life of the Lord, and it permeated them totally. The stones were no longer visible on their garments, but it became a part of them.

As I watched them, Jesus stepped out of the Living Essence that was upon the group and came up to me.  He said to me: Daughter, the fires that you had formerly known are nothing compared to what I am releasing upon My People this Day. My Living Word has always been alive and active and working in my people’s lives.  But I am bringing forth a joining of that Truth, and they will begin to live My Word.  My Word will become saturated within them to the point that it will emanate from them!

The Fire of My Holiness will not only be a regulator of your daily lives and your choices, but it will become your life. For My People will know My Holiness because I will inhabit them. The Fire of My Truth will burn within them and will transform them into My Vessels of Glory.

For I have released the Fire and it will bring forth the Remnant, that will bring forth the Truth.  My People will walk in Truth! My Truth will be seen by all!  My Truth will judge every person and it will disclose the unrighteousness that has prevailed in My House.  But, My House is not a House of Thieves anymore! For it has become My Living Fiery Stones!  My Life is now living within them!

I have brought it forth!

It will be a witness against the Lie.

The Hour of Trials has begun. My Truth will be the Judge, and the Answer. Only those who have heeded My Call, will have an answer. For My Word is the Witness, and every person will be measured by it.  For My Word is Eternal and it is Truth.

I have warned repeatedly of great changes coming, and few have prepared.  

Few have gathered oil into their lamps.

Few have labored to press into Me.

Few have cried out to Me for Mercy.

Where are they?  Why do they not care?  Now comes the Truth…………………

1 Peter 2:1-10

Malachi 1,2,3,4

Susan Cummings


12:18 am

Part 5

 The Flaming Swords Of Truth

 The air around me is filled with anticipation……

I can feel the excitement in the air, and it causes me to catch my breath. It is as though we are standing at the precipice of a great cliff or something. I can feel my heart pound and I am certain that we are not alone.

I look out from where I am standing and I see an amazing sight!  I am standing in a circle with all of the chosen ones. We are standing shoulder to shoulder in a big circle. We have been called and positioned here. Behind us are standing many angels! Each angel is behind each chosen one. The angels are at attention behind us and they are very strong and resolute looking.

One of the angels raises his hand, and he begins to shout. He says, "What was wrought in Your House, is now finished. Now comes the Pouring Out."  He then raises his other hand to heaven.  In it he has a sword. As he raises his sword up to heaven, the other angels raise their hands up also. They each also have a sword. They are surrounding us with their swords.

A Great Light flashes from Heaven and ignites the swords. The swords are like flaming torches! They burn as bright as the sun and it hurts my eyes to look directly at them. It is as if a thousand lights were turned on around us, as we are standing there.  The angels then turn around and they are now facing outwards from us.  Their backs are now touching our backs.  

The angel that raised his hand and shouted came over to me. He said, "Go forth, and speak My Word.  Do not turn to the right or to the left. Speak My Truth and fear not! For I have given my angel unto you, to guard you in the days to come.  For you each have been commissioned to prepare my people.  My Word will show them the way.  Those who refuse to receive you will remain in darkness. For I have finished the purging of My House.

All that have entered in have done so. Now I am pouring out My Wrath on the disobedient. The Fire of My Truth will be evident to all. For I am sending it to light the way.

My Sword of Truth has discerned the hearts of my people, and it has separated them from those who would not embrace Me. Many argue over My Truth, and divide it amongst themselves and defile it. But few embraced it willingly, and even fewer with Joy. So, they will have their portion, but it will be void of My Life.  They refused to acknowledge Me, and now they have their reward."

Then, the angel turned, and raised his sword once more. The other angels raised theirs also, and they began to worship the Lord.  

We all raised our voices unto the Lord, and joined with them in worship…

Heb.4:1-13, Eph.6:10-20, Eph.5:1-20

Susan Cummings


10:39 pm

Part 6

"The Spring of Empowerment"

I hear the sound of roaring water coming from ahead of me. I walk towards the sound and seek the source of the roaring. It is quiet of all other sounds except the sound of the rushing water. I am anticipating the scene in my mind, as I walk towards the water. I can imagine a beautiful waterfall and gorgeous scenery. 

But as I get closer, I am surprised that it is not as I had thought. I draw near to the source of the roaring and it is coming forth from a spring that has erupted from the ground. It is like an artesian well that has suddenly become alive and is now flowing forth for the first time, or after a long time of silence.

The ground is hard and barren. It is like rock or shale like in appearance. It is very colorful, yet lifeless. There is little vegetation around.  Then, I am stunned!  I realize that I am back at the scene of the Great Hall.  I am at the place of the desert meeting the land as it opens up to the Great Hall.

I do not see the Great Hall, nor do I see the people, but I know the area, and I feel it is nearby as I stand there.  I wonder why I am back.  I look at the water that is gushing forth with such a roar and intensity.  It is surprising that a small spring can make such a loud roar, I am thinking to myself.

There is no one else around, and I choose to stay and rest by the spring for awhile. I sit down by the spring and watch as the water gushes forth and runs along the ground, bringing life to the hard rock area. I watch as the water runs along the ground, with not much soaking in, but running swiftly along as if driven by the wind.  As I watch, I do notice some beginning to soak in some places, and the land does change it’s color some as the water penetrates the hard shell of the top rocky layers. It seems to drink it in faster now in areas.

I lean forwards and reach out to touch the spring, and am surprised that it is not cold at all, but hot. It is a hot springs. It is a spring that is roaring loudly in it’s rushing along the rocky land, but it is hot like a still hot spring would be. I watch it in wonderment. It is pleasant to touch and to feel it on my hands. I slide over and stick my feet and legs into it. It is very hot and feels great. I look around and still no one is around. So I feel led to slide in all the way.

I enter the hot spring and am delighted at it’s warmth and it’s current that flows by me. It is not big in size, but I do fit into the spring nicely. I feel such life and energy entering into me from the hot spring. I do not know how long I am in the spring, but I realize that I don’t need air as I am under the water. It is alive!

I am again shocked! I emerge from the depths of the hot spring and I suddenly am aware that I should have known that any source coming from the Great Hall would have life in it.  As I was thinking these thoughts, the Lord spoke to me.  He said, "It is true that this is a life giving source, as you have discovered. I AM the LIFE of MY People. But My People forget so easily, and do not take what is theirs by inheritance.  They live their lives with very few victories and very few times of refreshing."

"You have come back to the Great Hall as you have discovered. I have brought you full circle, so that you would know that what I showed you will now come to pass. It is time for My People to know Me, and to know their places in My Body. It is time for My Word to live within them."

"The spring opened up, because I have chosen to break forth into the lives of My People in a big way now. No longer will I be silent, but will roar over My People.  That is why you heard the roar and came to investigate.  So it will be with My Own, they will hear My Roar, and search for it’s sound, and they will find Me.  It will be as you have done today.  It will be a time of refreshing for those who choose to draw near to Me now."

"The ground of My people’s hearts has been like the Shale rock that you see all around here.  But with Me bringing life to them, I will begin to penetrate those areas of hardness and will bring change, as they rest IN ME, and drink deeply of Me, in their times of Intimacy with Me.  As they come and rest at My Feet, I will penetrate those hard issues and break it’s hold over My People. I will set them free from the bondages that hold them captive."

"The transformation has already begun in My House, as many have heard the sound of My Roar, and have begun to come to Me. Many more will follow as they see the spring burst forth, but I say to you child, that it will burst forth as a raging river shortly. Right now I have begun the emerging as a hot spring, but it will soon become a flood of My Fire.  Warn My People.  Warn them not to think they can come to Me then.

For they need the strengthening of the hot springs now, before the Flood of Fire comes, or they will not be able to abide in it.  It will bring destruction to those who have not prepared themselves." 

"For I AM a Consuming Fire. I AM the LIVING GOD and I AM HOLY. All who come to Me, must come to Me and allow Me to cleanse them and make them clean.  Otherwise My Glory will consume them as Fire.  I have begun the release and it will increase into a raging flood.  It is time now to totally abandon yourself and freely enter into Me, just as you did by entering into the spring completely.  Unless you totally die to all that you are, you cannot be transformed into My Image. You will still try to hold onto your images. You must let all go, in order to walk in My Power to come." 

"There is great Glory coming into My House. Prepare My People for the greater visitation. Warn them to humble themselves, and to prepare their hearts. For I have begun to visit My House already, and many are receiving Me, but they still hold onto their traditions and mindsets.

There will be no traditions IN MY House! I AM in My House! The old ways of ministry are passing away, as I Am rising up and taking over.  Man will no longer be in control of meetings."  

"I Am going to BE the meeting!"

"It will be a Meeting between My People and their Living God!"

"Look at yourself child, and see what you now have entered into."

I climbed out of the water, and stood on the ground. I looked, and I was on fire. I was burning with a fire that was like a garment that I was wearing. I did not feel the fire burn me as a real fire does to destroy, but I felt such a Love burning within me. I could feel His Fire within me and upon me. I have felt this fire before, and have begun to walk in it some, but now it was like it was greater. 

The Lord said, "This is the endowment of My Fire and Power that your generation will walk in upon the earth. We will clothe you with ourselves.  Just as the Father and I are One, so will My People know us in that way.  You will walk in Union with us, and will know us within and upon you.  Your generation is called to do the greater works than I did upon the earth. It is time. It is time to walk in that depth of relationship with us."

"This empowerment comes through Union with us.  It is not bought, or taught.  But it comes through intimacy with Me.  I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no man comes to the Father, except through Me. It is time to know the Father.  It is time to be full of the Holy Spirit and to be clothed with Fire."

"It has begun. Some are entering in at this time, and many more will yield to Me, but I warn them that I will not wait for them to decide. I Am moving in the earth, and I Am bringing My Word to pass, and I will come as a flood shortly.  Prepare yourself to run! Prepare for the rains and the winds as I have told you! For great storms will come on the heels of the greater release. You have only begun to see the storms upon the earth. Much greater will now come, as I Am now roaring in the earth."

"Only those hidden in me will not be devastated by the storms. They will be clothed with Me, and I will be their covering. I am preparing you to stand and to see Me pass over the earth once more. It is a time of great upheaval.  For the enemy knows I have come, and He is in distress that his hold on Mine is broken. No more will Mine walk in defeat! I am their God, and I will bring them forth, into My Light and into My  Truth! I am bringing forth My Hidden Ones."

"Now comes the storms and the floods, and also the flaming river of My Fiery Glory. Both come as the transition period is complete."

"It is the time of the end. It is the day of My Judgment in My House."

"It is the time of the Beginning. It is the Day of My Power in My House."

"Walk upright before Me, My People. The time has come to know your God, and to walk in Union with Me!  Never again will you be enslaved to men or to the world, but will be wholly Mine.  You are bought with My Blood. You are redeemed and set apart unto Me. I now take what is Mine, as Mine. I will now be seen IN You and through you."

"It is My Word that will burn within you. It is the Burden of that Word that will compel you to go forth into the world.  It is My Heart that will show you My Ways and Plans and will bring forth the lost ones as you stretch forth your hands in MY Name. I will show you where to go, and will bring you by My Hand into those areas. So, begin to Walk with Me."

I looked and the roaring hot spring was pouring forth and spreading out all over the area where I stood.  It was following no path, but the Lord’s.  For the Spring that roared forth from the ground was the Lord Himself, flowing out to the nations. He is moving and is coming forth as He said. For the Time of the Empowerment of God’s People has come.

It has begun.

Susan Cummings


6:19 pm

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