Walking In This Time & Season

Dear Allen,  

It was good to hear from you today.   I think as time goes by we will have more light on the church government that G-d is putting into place.  God is birthing a five-fold government with elders (Team Leadership).  Two words that are very important to the church are "Transition" and "Positioning."    On the day of Pentecost the word "suddenly" shows up.  According to Joel Ch. 2   God is going to send the former and latter rain in the same month.  This speeding up of the harvest will cause things that took years to do, now can be done in months. I am sending you a word that G-D gave me at the end of 2000. 


To those who are called to Walk in this time and season.

My little children, you have been called to walk in this time and season. You have not been called to walk in other times and other seasons, but to this day, this time, and this season. Many of you have desired to look back, and you have said in your heart, I wish that I could have been born in this era of revival or that era of revival, but I say unto to you my child, this is the time, and this is the season, that I am doing a new thing. As the church was birthed out of Israel, a new and different thing, so I am birthing out of the church a new thing. It will be conceived out of the old, birthed to walk in the new. Many will not see this simple truth, and will miss what I am in the process of doing. Many will hold on to the old and try to kill the new, but I say unto you this which is being birthed is from me and will not be silenced, nor will it pass away.

Do you not know that the culmination of all things is at hand and I have saved the best wine for last? Did I not say in my word that the glory of the latter house is greater than the former?

Many have said that the outpouring of the early rain happened on the day of Pentecost, and it was so.

Many have said that the outpouring of this early century was the latter rain, and it was so.

But I say unto you this new thing will be a joining of the early and latter rain, together.

This joining together will produce acceleration in the process of the Harvest. What has taken in the past seven years, will take seven months. What has taken seven months will now take seven days. Sign and wonders will flow from the hands of little children. Little children and those new in the faith will cast out devils, see the dead raised to life, and see my Glory. These little ones of great faith will daily walk in such glory that they will become the manifest sons of God. Do you not know that you cannot contain my Glory behind the walls of your churches? I will be the God of the market place. I will take my Glory out into the cities and into the streets.

Here is a word of warning. For me to come near unto my bride, she must be holy. What I have allowed you to get by with in the past, I will no longer tolerate. I will hold my bride to greater level of accountability. The days of Ananias and Sapphire will be made manifest again in my body. How can I judge the world in righteousness when I have not righteously judged my church? Did I not say that judgment must first begin in my house?

Not only will I judge my house, but I will judge my Pastors. Those who are hirelings and who have not been the true shepherds of my flock. Many of you have loved Golf, more than your God.  You have lived in ease, with no tears of repentance, and no Godly sorrow.  Many have perished, and many have died without me. I am asking now, "where is your passion for lost souls, where is your concern for my flock?"   I have longed to talk to you, share my heart with you.  I longed to share with you the things that break my heart.   I am still asking, could not you have prayed with me one hour, but you were so busy doing the things of the ministry.   I have one word for the hirelings "Repent, and turn from your dead works" Do this quickly and I will not take your name out of my book and turn you over to the wicked one.

I now have a balance in my hand.   On one side will be my great end-time harvest.   One the other side will be a great falling away.   The way that these things will be balanced will be though one word.  Persecution.  Many will be caught in the net of my Glory but will not be willing to pay the price.   Much innocent blood will be shed and will call to me from the ground " when will we be avenged, when will you bring justice.”   When this cup is full, I will come and execute judgment and my judgment will be righteous.

Yours for the Harvest

Glynn Behrend

February 2003

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