House to House Ecclesia



Here is an example of what a house church network might look like today.

It is clearly documented that house church networks are

flourishing under a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit in China;

with no where near the resources found in the western church. 

This size of network would conservatively

represent between 400 to 1200 people.

 These   represent newer house churches in the network.

 These   couples have a duel role of being chosen as deacons for the network.

 These   have a duel role of the husband serving as an appointed bishop/elder for the network.

This represents five-fold ministers moving from house to house as the Holy Spirit leads.  It is understandable that as a minister of the gospel; one might typically object to a "team" of five fold ministers in a traditional church since there is only one minister sharing in a typical church wide meeting.  However; under the model shown above which is also unmistakably the model found in the New Testament; a five fold "team" is absolutely essential in order to shepherd the unabated growth found in the book of Acts, and currently happening in China.


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