Daddy’s Lap

 As I have watched various conflicting doctrines being advanced in the body of Christ over the years; I’ve often wondered: How do we as Christians ever get on the same page not in any religious or ecumenical way; but in a way that reflects a true unity of the Spirit.

As I have been receiving more profound understanding of prophetic symbolism in scripture over the last year; where I almost never understood any symbolism before; I wondered what had changed beyond the obvious unsealing of some scriptures.  As I pondered this; the Lord showed me in my spirit a child sitting on the floor with a children’s book; full of pictures.

I realized as a father that I had witnessed this scene many times, with my own children.  Knowing this is typical for a child to do; I reflected on my memories.

What struck me most was a child’s ability to make up stories that go along with the pictures in the book; especially when the child could not read the words on the pages. 

My two youngest daughters were both very good at this, and while the stories appeared to be entertaining to them (and me); usually these stories they made up had little to with the actual story line in the book.

In this is a picture of what typically happens to God’s children… We take His book off the shelf… look at the different symbolism and word pictures that abound not only in prophetic passages, but throughout the bible, and we begin to make up our own stories.

What the Lord is saying is simply this:

We need to now in this hour more than ever… we need to get up off the floor and snuggle into Daddy’s lap… look into the face of our heavenly Father and simply say “Daddy I don’t know what these pictures mean… read me a story”

Remember; Jesus said in Matthew 18:2 “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

It’s time to put aside our thoughts, and our ways and let our Father read the book to us.

In Jesus’ name; Amen

Allen; a bondservant of Jesus Christ


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