Ascending The Mountain - A Prophetic Dream

The Dream

When the dream began, I was standing in a cattle car that was at the end of a train.  The train was moving up the side of a mountain.  More accurately it was the foothills leading to a very tall mountain.

The cattle car reminded me of the type of car that the Jews were taken to the concentration camps in.  While I don’t know how many, the cattle car was fairly crowded with believers. There were no denominational distinctions. There was however a strong gift of discernment operating in all of us that were in the cattle car.

While in the dream, we didn’t fully understand why, we all knew that we must get off the train immediately.  The door was locked and all attempts to communicate with the engineers responsible for the train were ignored.

The Lord then directed me to begin removing boards from the floor of the cattle car, so that we might escape this way.  My only fear at this point was the very real possibility of injury from the railroad ties below.

After lowering myself out of the train car, I realized that my fear of being injured was unfounded.  The reason for this is that the train tracts were disappearing as the train moved up the mountain.

After watching this happen until the train disappeared over a hill, I then turned and proceeded to walk back down the foothill.

Instantly in the dream, I arrived at a small town.  The condition of this town struck me as everything seemed to be run down and suffering from neglect.  Most of the buildings were either made from corrugated metal covered with rust, or they were run down mobile homes.

As I approached the first mobile home, an elderly woman and her daughter were getting into a car.  One thing that was strange about this is the elderly woman was actually a good friend of mine –Bryan Mock.  (See Bryan’s page in this section)

Anyway I asked this elderly person to take me back up the mountain so we could help others who would also be getting off the train.  Because she was willing to do this, her daughter became angry and went back inside.

We traveled for a short distance, and then we came to a place where we decided it was best to continue traveling off the road.  As soon as we did this the vehicle turned into a bed on wheels! The awesome thing about this bed is that it was able to traverse streams, go over boulders through deep mud, etc. 

At one point as we were moving up the side of the mountain again we encountered a very large root; which I was certain because of the size, would be impossible even for this “all terrain” bed to go over.  Much to my surprise, the bed easily rolled over this tree root.

The last part of the dream was frightening at first sight.  We next encountered a three year old toddler sitting in a small clearing.  This child was screaming because he was in great pain, as he had hold of a venomous snake that had bitten the child multiple times.

The awesome thing was that even though the child was in pain, the venom from the snake had absolutely no effect upon the child at all.  In fact the child had a death grip on the snake right below its head and was in the process of killing the snake.

After the child killed the snake, we put the child up on the bed and continued up the side of the mountain.  In the dream we had expectancy that there would be more as we ascended up the side of the mountain.  This is where the dream ended, and we never encountered any one from the cattle car before the end of the dream.

The Interpretation

As I prayed, the interpretation seemed to come almost too rapidly to fully comprehend, and some parts are still being prayed over.

The Train: This represents the present state of the institutional church.  The people in the cattle car are those in the church that are discerning not only the dangerous spiritual compromises within the church, but also the arrogance that is present as we ascend into the eternal purposes of God.  The fact that this cattle car is the last one in the train represents the last generation of the institutional church as we know it.   The train track itself represents the presumptuous ways of man attempting to reach higher realms of God’s glory in the mountain of the Lord.

As we sense that the Father has determined judgement upon this presumptuous train, those in the cattle car attempt to communicate with the front men in the train; only to be dismissed as unimportant by the more spiritually significant leadership of the church.

The only way left for us to avoid the destruction or judgment determined is to tear up the foundational planks we are standing on.

The fact that the train tracks disappeared represents that this time period in church history is soon to pass from the earth as the Bride of Christ makes herself ready for coming of the Lord.

The Small Town: The condition of this town represents the despair felt especially among those of the older generations as they feel that their time of usefulness in the kingdom of God has past.  There is a sense among them that the apostasy of the modern church is partly their responsibility.

The Lord would say yes -- your generation is partly responsible, but this no longer matters - because where sin has abounded, My grace to overcome is present with you at this hour, and the gift and calling of God on your generation is still without repentance.  I have called you to remember and recount the lessons learned in brokenness.  These lessons are needed in this hour, and in this season.  The wisdom of your age has been given to stop the iniquity of the fathers from visiting the children of this last generation.

Just as Moses in his old age climbed Mt. Nebo, so shall My children who are full of age ascend into the Mountain of the Lord and the Holy Calling upon you in these last hours.

As you enter into My rest and ascend into My purposes, surely the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children, and the children to the fathers.

You as a ‘Moses generation’ will join with the ‘Joshua/Caleb generation’ (those currently in mid-life) and together you will overcome every obstacle that the enemy would place in your path, as you begin your ascension into the high calling of God in Christ -led by My Holy Spirit.

The Three Year Old Toddler:  This represents this last generation of young believers that are so much on fire for the Lord. (The Third Day Church)  This ‘generation of David’ surely has been given the "Key of David" as they walk in a spirit of Divine Revelation concerning praise and worship of the Father and His Son.

While this generation has been given much power over the enemy, they lack the discernment needed to ascend into the fullness of God’s purposes in these last days.  I believe it is God’s will though that the older generations seek out the youth where they are at.

The anointing and rest that the older generations are operating in (represented by the all-terrain bed) will be needed by the youth.  Clearly though the responsibility for being obedient rests upon those of the Joshua/Caleb generation, as they must first be willing to dismantle the foundations that keep them captive to the path of presumption.

Allen Logan

December 2003

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