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Looking for mature couples in Christ who would like to be involved in a framework of house churches modeled after the church in the book of Acts.  We certainly have not "arrived" yet, but in the fear of the Lord I believe we are moving in the right direction. 

There are several things to keep in mind if we are to walk together in Kingdom Ministry: 

1. If you feel called to lead; then you are called to serve

2. Clear vision and grace for servant leadership is most welcome; however if you cannot "submit to one another in the fear of God"  you are not teachable and are disqualifying yourself from an anointed servant leadership role.  ( I am of course not exempt from this statement).  Many in the house church movement feel they have a mandate to be only "submitted to God."  I know from experience that this a) unbiblical and b) it is spiritually dangerous.  Jesus in washing the feet of the disciples (representing their walk with God); admonished them to wash one another's feet; i.e., be accountable to one another.

3. Expect to be challenged to walk in a biblical framework for ministry;  it is one of my functions as a minister of the gospel to challenge you, and hopefully exhort you to biblical expressions of ministry.  The temptation to drift off the narrow path is enormous as once you multiply out of a local house church (meeting in your own home); the temptation is that you are now in charge; and can do as you please.  The truth is everyone will drift from a biblical foundation of ministry if they do not stay submitted to biblical (not institutional) oversight.  I have been submitted to the same apostolic oversight for over 15 years now and it hasn't harmed me (or him) one bit. 

If you have understand where we are on the prophetic time clock; then you understand that we are very close to the beginning of the tribulation, and time is of the essence; and playing church, lording over others, or doing our own thing; will reap tragic results in the not too distant future.


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