Godly Structure Ignites God’s Power

(The Five-Fold Ministry)

 by Clay Sikes



Modern warfare strategists state, “winning wars is a firepower issue and real firepower is what ultimately makes the difference in victory or defeat. The strength of strategically placed firepower determines the time it takes to achieve victory.” Strategic firepower is achieved when the right men, equipment and weapons are in the right place at exactly the right time: The perfect moment in time is the instant at which these ingredients are needed to apply the greatest pressure to the enemy. The Persian Gulf War is an excellent example of this. History is often a great teacher and Vietnam leaves us with a graphic illustration of a war fought with little to no emphasis on firepower. The results were a divided nation, wounds that will never be healed, and the unnecessary and tragic lost of 52,000 American lives. “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand…” When all elements of the total equation are not in place, division rules and division is the enemy’s chief weapon against God’s people. Conversely, unity is the power source and real unity is categorized by proper positioning and proper functioning within the unit.

For at least ten years, God has been speaking through His prophets about His church and His desire to see it operating in His planned power. Those with the prophetic mantle have sensed His heart, a heart that is saying “until it (the church) is structured properly, it will never see the strategic firepower He (God) desires it to have.” Its present structure lacks the military capability to achieve victory. Consequently the enemy has had a veritable field day with God’s people. “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (I Samuel 17:26).

The arrival of the right man with right tools set God’s order into motion and Goliath and the enemies of God were routed. Many in the prophetic and apostolic ministry sense there is a Godly solution to this problem and that our present day ‘David’ (deliverance) is rooted in a properly functioning church government. God is a God of order, and as such, expects His people to employ His order and structure (government) to all that He builds in the earth (Isaiah 9:6,7).

God Ordains Government

God has ordained government because the Kingdom of God is a government. God has ordained jurisdictional or sphere government. In the Word there are five major realms of government: 1) All major government begins with self-government by bringing our lives under the authority of the Holy Spirit. Our spirit must rule over our soul under the government of God. The degree to which this is allowed is directly proportional to the authority God will give in Kingdom affairs. It is important to note that there are vast differences in God giving man authority and men giving men authority. All real spiritual authority is given by God. Those who appoint men to positions of spiritual authority without a direct leading from the Holy Spirit invite disaster into their organizations. 2) The second form of Godly government is family government or family order. You can measure the peace in a home by how much Godly government is in that home. 3) Church government – apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, and teachers are the primary make up church government, aided by those with other gifts. The application and operation of this God appointed government (corporately and in individual churches) largely determines the effectiveness and power of the church. 4) Business government and 5) Civil government (Romans 13) have a God ordained order and round out the last two Biblical forms of government.

While I am cautious to use the term “never ever!” I am comfortable in saying that individuals lacking self-government should never ever be placed in positions of leadership. When self-government breaks down in a leader, it corrupts the entire system. Leaders who do not self-govern will destroy an organization, a marriage, relationships, and virtually every other aspect of life that involves people. In cases of leaders with

this quality who may be in your organization, if you cannot change them quick, remove them quick! Improper self-government moves improperly into other spheres (II Corinthians 10: 13-17).“We, however, will not boast beyond proper limits, but will confine our boasting to the field God has assigned to us…” (II Corinthians 10:13).

It is important to note that many spirit filled leaders within the framework of the church are not led by the spirit much beyond receiving their messages for Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Many are not submitted to the spirit for correction and direction. It has been fairly common for us to recognize and discern the calling of a pastor, evangelist, or teacher, yet lack discernment in the area of the prophetic and apostolic ministry. This is based primarily upon the fact that the prophetic ministry is just beginning to take its rightful position in the body of Christ and the true apostolic office is yet to emerge as a real force within the body.

Since the subject of this writing is church government I think it important to note that God’s power is released through and by God’s order. God is constantly speaking through his prophets (Amos 3:7), communicating His great desire to do a new thing in the earth. This new thing can only be achieved by the church embracing the entire five-fold ministry. God is multi-dimensional. The five-fold ministry is multi-dimensional. Unfortunately present church government is set up around the one-fold (the pastor), negating other ministries and callings and systematically eliminating four-folds of ministry to those in desperate need of receiving it.

One of the enemy’s greatest strongholds in the church today has been his ability to block the prophetic ministry. The irony of this subtle deception is that the very voice through which God desires to speak (the prophetic voice) is shut down to many pastors. This reluctance and failure to acknowledge the prophets is crystal clear evidence that “the traditions of men make God’s word to no effect.” This deception, perhaps above all others, is Satan’s greatest work against the present day church. Take heart though, because this is changing. The office of the prophet is now being established and developed in the body. In tracing Church history during and following the first century, it reveals that past moves of God introduced the evangelist, pastor, and teacher.

Now is the hour of the prophet, not to be confused with those who give prophetic utterances from time to time, or those who operate in words of knowledge and wisdom. Prophetic utterances and the prophetic office are not the same. One receives a message here and there, but does not have the mantle of the prophet. The prophetic office comes together with great authority and responsibility, while being servants of the Most High for the welfare and benefit of the Lord's own. No true prophet will ever be boastful and arrogant nor impose his views, but be faithful and courageous and carrying out and delivering God's messages and instructions.

We are told in Ephesians 4:12-16 that the five fold is “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ might be built up until we all reach unity in the faith in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, (attaining) to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. FROM HIM THE WHOLE BODY, JOINED AND HELD TOGETHER BY EVERY SUPPORTING LIGAMENT, GROWS AND BUILDS ITSELF UP IN LOVE AS EACH PART DOES ITS WORK.”

Growing up in a small southern town in the early fifties, unlike other communities, we were blessed to have a Doctor. We had one Doctor for the entire county population. No matter what the illness, this Doctor was our man. Needless to say, many went on to be with the Lord and others suffered long and often painful illnesses due to a lack of other medical talents and skills. Honestly, we did not know any better and felt privileged to have even the one Physician.

Reflect on verse 16 above – “each part has a work.” The body of Christ needs much healing and deliverance. I would not go to a foot Doctor were I to have a heart ailment, nor would I seek a Dentist if I needed an Optometrist. God desires that His ministry, much of which is sitting in pews, be released to minister. The church, like those of us in my small hometown, simply doesn’t know that healing and deliverance is available as those ministry (specialist) are pressed into service.

Man has progressively allowed tradition to replace God’s designed pattern as we saw in the First Century Church (See Ephesians 4 and the entire Book of Acts). One-man ministries hold a strong place in church tradition, yet we must realize that Jesus was the entire five-fold: God is multi-dimensional. Jesus has replaced himself in the earth by sending his spirit and greater works (ministries) to his people.

There is nothing natural about Pastors yielding or sharing their place with others, however, John-The-Baptist said, “I must decrease that He (the five-fold ministry) might increase.” We must pray that pastors take on a John-The-Baptist decreasing mind-set. Pray that the true spiritual enemies of the church (tradition and personal ambition) be revealed in this hour. Pray that insecurity, fear, and tradition be replaced with a desire to see ministries come forth. Pray that pastors begin to recognize the anointing in others and assist those called men and women into their destiny, thus releasing the five-fold ministry (Jesus) within their churches. The acceptance of this will require death.

As our Lord says in John 12:24, “I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” Pray that Pastors will gain a vision for their body of believers that will produce “many seeds.” Pray that personal ambition be replaced by clear vision and purpose. Many years ago, while meditating John 12:24, the Holy Spirit said to me that the portion of scripture stating, “that as long as a seed refused to die, it would remain to be a single seed” literally means “WITHOUT ME!” Death to self brings the life of God. As we decrease, he increases. This revelation has continued to minister to me on an almost daily basis. The key to real life is death, the diminishment of self, so the greater (Jesus) can come forth in us all.

Very recently I was involved with two other ministers in a very serious ministry situation. There were other non-minister members of the body present. When it became clear that we three Heads (in this situation) were getting nowhere, we almost simultaneously felt the ministry needed would come from one of the non-ministers present. As we yielded our headship (in this situation), the anointing fell on one of the non-ministers who was able to minister in the glorious anointed power of God. Had we pride fully held our position as heads in the matter, 1) the ministry needed in this situation would not have occurred, 2) nor would the ministry that was birthed taken place. This was an incredible confirmation and revealed a pattern of what is to come. We discerned that someone other than us had the anointing in this situation and did not allow tradition, pride, fear, or ambition control. God wishes to use others in a church environment to both minister and be ministered to.

Hypothetically, a man is called to the office of an evangelist but has never been acknowledged as such, yet he burns with a powerful word of revival for the church. A discerning Pastor comes into the pulpit with a well-prepared sermon and suddenly the Holy Spirit speaks to the Pastor and tells him that John Doe (the called evangelist) sitting on the fifth row has a word for the body today. Which would you rather hear – the sermon or the word? What do you think would happen if the Holy Spirit were allowed the freedom to operate in this capacity with Pastors? Not only would the body receive the fire that only an evangelist can bring, but also the ministry of the new evangelist would be released. Man is one-dimensional, God is muti-dimensional, ministrie(s) are multi-dimensional. If you as a person are viewed from one perspective, you will be ministered to from one perspective. If, on the other hand, you could be ministered to from many perspectives (ministries), the fullness of your needs would be met multi-dimensional.

Many leaders sense that there is something wrong in the church as evidenced by its lack of power and inability to stop the humiliating tactics of the enemy. Like the shouts of Goliath, the Devil has taunted the church for years. Most who care about the condition of the church realize that its present condition is lacking in power. Those that accept the present church as adequate either lack spiritual sensitivity or have personal agendas that do not match God’s agenda.

Many in the church feel like the soldiers in God’s army as Goliath paraded about taunting them with insidious and profane remarks. Fear runs in the place of faith and all to often God’s people are riddled with difficulties and defeat. Yes, we have a few that walk in power but they are in the minority. God desires His people as a whole to walk in His power. We have come to an hour in which this will happen!

Many in the church today would not recognize David, the Shepard boy as the deliverer. He was scoffed and laughed at by those who knew him best. “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance…” (I Samuel 16:7). We are admonished by the word to discern by the spirit what God is saying, otherwise we could miss a great planned victory in our lives which was ordained by God before the foundation of the world. Again we look to David’s clash with Goliath for answers. His past prepared him for his future. I pray that God minister to you through this:

“David said to Saul, Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him. Saul replied, You are not able to go out against this Philistine and fight him; you are only a boy, and he has been a fighting man from his youth.

But David said to Saul, Your servant has been keeping his father’s sheep. When a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock, I went after it, struck it and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, because he has defied the armies of the living God. The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine” (I Samuel 17:32-37).

Immediately Saul wanted to dress David in what was ACCEPTED TRADITIONAL BATTLE ATTIRE. Fortunately David refused, knowing the ‘old order’ of things would not work. He knew that new wine couldn't be poured into an old wineskin. As we cry out for God’s power in the church, do not look for it to come from the ‘old order.’

I cannot go in these, he said to Saul…then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his Shepard’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine…David said to the Philistine, you come against me with sword and spear and javelin but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head” (I Samuel 17:39-45).

For those who have ears to hear, hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying. David’s defeat of Goliath is symbolic of the victory God desires for His church. God is standing ready to deliver his church from its powerlessness and torment from the Devil. I submit to you that our David (deliverance) is a properly functioning church – men and women of God standing in their duly appointed offices fulfilling their destiny and God’s plan in their life. Like David, our past (church history) has prepared us for our future. The first century church ushered in revelation and ministry such that this earth has never seen, creating such an upheaval that we are still feeling the effects of it today. It (the first century church) was our lion and bear (preparation) for our modern day Goliath. During this period the five-fold ministry was free to operate in great power. Men and women had the benefit of five dimensions of ministry, not just one as we accept today. Imagine a six-cylinder engine hitting on two cylinders to understand the analogy. There is no power.

As in David’s time, the very people of God can miss their deliverance if they are looking for it in traditional form. Tradition is one of the greatest enemies of the church. God once spoke to me and said, “Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition.” One of the greatest forces hindering the church today is the inability of church leaders to “discern the body properly.” Discernment cannot operate if the structure is incorrect to begin with (II Samuel 6:1-13). Pastors and church leaders cannot see if they do not know TO LOOK. My prayer is that this writing and hopefully the anointing on it will allow you TO LOOK. There is a power available to the church and to church leaders everywhere, and I further submit to you that God will, like David, use five smooth stones, symbolic of the five-fold ministry, to equip and prepare the church. I further submit to you that the five smooth stones represent men and women who have been submerged for many years, yet have been washed by the water (of the word) until their rough edges are now smooth. These are men and women of integrity and strength whose smooth surface represents gentleness to the body of Christ, yet deadly to the enemy.

Your acknowledgement of this move of God will change everything in your life. You will experience the pure power and joy of God as never before. You will initiate your true destiny and ignite the power of God.

Basic organizational structure works from the equation of how something is structured determines whether it will bless or curse what it serves. In managing assets and money, how those assets are placed (structured) and how the money is utilized determines whether the assets and cash are bringing blessing or cursing. The structure, hierarchy, order or government of any army, corporation, church, company, individual etc., determines the success or failure of that entity. Our organizational structures must serve our goals to produce action. The way we are structured either serves to enforce or defeat our goals. Structure should be a servant to our objectives. For example, if I felt God calling me into full time ministry, I would be foolish to create business opportunities that required most of my time. On the other hand, if I invested my money in opportunities that didn’t require much time, I would then be free to have an income and do what I felt I was called to do.

As a further example of structure/order, I am familiar with an individual who has several million dollars in assets, yet, until recently was having serious problems paying his bills, specifically caused by the way in which he structured and managed his assets. With much prayer, guidance, and hard work these assets and cash flows have been reset in a Godly order which is now bringing comfort and ease to the situation. Had this new order not been addressed, he would have systematically lost all of his assets and continuously been under constant financial stress.

As with the man in the above example, existing assets properly placed released a blessing. Much of what God is dealing with us about today is found in existing assets that need to be rearranged into a God-appointed order. There are also the new works that are must be built from the ground up. These also must be structured God’s way in God’s order. Structure defines the trajectory of any entity. A simple yet understandable example of this is a rifle aimed at a target. The success of a bull’s eye is not scored as the bullet hits the target, but rather when the proper trajectory (aim) is achieved. A rocket can miss its mark by thousands of feet, even miles by being pointed wrong on the launching pad. Said simply, structure must serve our goals. Structure controls trajectory. Performance is directly proportional to direction because destiny is our ultimate gift and power. I am writing it twice so that you will deepen your understanding of this statement: Performance is directly proportional to direction because destiny is our ultimate gift and power.

If our objectives are God-inspired then we are to simply pray for God’s structure/order (government) in the various situations we find ourselves in. As we implement God’s structure/order (government), God’s divine purpose/destiny (power) is set in motion. When purpose/destiny (power) is being fulfilled, “the burden is light, there is no sorrow added.” Success and flow are then the genuine characteristics. Every derailment in life should speak volumes to us about improper structure. Circumstances do not make the man they reveal him to himself. Peace is a blessing that flows out of good government. If there is no peace in a situation it is because there has been a breakdown in the government of that situation. When things in our domain (kingdom) are properly governed, there is peace in the valley as well as on the mountaintop.

Bad government produces confusion, dependency, and poverty, whereas Godly government produces order, initiative and productivity. Bad government in our society, churches, businesses and personal lives has produced many problems. Improper structure (government) is the catalyst for failure whether in church, business, spiritual matters, marriages, etc., and will always work against goals instead of serving to achieve them. Every church leader, business leader and family leader has the inherent responsibility to know and adhere to Godly government.

In God, government precedes peace – “Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end” (Isaiah 9:7). There can be no peace without God’s government in place. “For God is not a God of disorder but a God of peace” (I Corinthians 14:33 NIV). The word peace here also means order: God the father is a God of order, not of confusion. God’s order in a thing brings God’s peace to it. It is God’s government/kingdom (synonymous terms) that Christ implores us to pray “Thy kingdom (government) come thy will be done on earth…” Get a revelation of the fact that kingdom and government are synonymous terms. God’s order, God’s kingdom, God’s structure, God’s government all mean the same thing. Government precedes God’s peace.   When government is properly established peace will flow. Man is often guilty of wanting the peace without the government because often God’s government means change, especially to existing entities. There is a new move of the spirit that is calling for change in the church; what exist will not get the job done. The Lord has said to me repeatedly, “Growth requires change, be open, be willing, be acceptable to change.” Our existing traditions are the most difficult areas to bring change to in our lives.

Another interpretation of kingdom/government is God’s perfect order – the hierarchy, position, and placement of things according to God’s will (not necessarily and always our will). God’s word spoken and written, properly applied, brings God’s order and blessing – “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth and he adds no sorrow (trouble) to it” (Proverbs 10:22).

At this point you may now accept that God is saying something about church government and that perhaps this is an answer to many of the problems that besiege the church. If indeed that is the case, and certainly I hope it is, there is yet another caution.

Several years ago I clearly heard God tell me to attack the unemployment rate in our area by creating jobs in the small South Georgia town in which I live. I proceeded with my mandate much like David to move the Ark to Jerusalem (II Samuel 6:1-13). Like David, I did not take the time to get God’s order and instruction, but rather rushed out in my zeal to do what God said. It cost me $10,000,000.00 to learn that “A man’s patience gives him wisdom” (Proverbs 19:11). Zeal without patience can and often does produce grave error in God. God has a government/order/structure/hierarchy in everything we will ever do for him.

When building with the Holy Spirit we must learn how to protect our side of the responsibility of what we are building together. One of my natural enemies to this responsibility has been to take assignments from God and in my haste, do them the wrong way. Haste isn’t of the Devil; it is the Devil! Spiritual leaders must regard their calling as holy and must not act presumptuously in carrying out assigned responsibilities. Spiritual leadership is a sacred trust. How Christian leaders conduct themselves impacts far more than their own lives. This is why they will be judged more severely (James 3:1).

While on the subject of presumption, I think it important to add yet another word that God has spoken in recent years: “The sin of presumption often hides itself in the nobility of its purpose.” The Devil has succeeded in his wretched delusion within the body of Christ to move on God’s people to give out of our souls as oppose to true spiritual leading, start works for God, make horrendous sacrifices and other side-tracking antics under the auspices of noble Godly purposes. To this I say beware!

In II Samuel 6:1-13 not even the Priest were allowed to touch the Ark or look into it because of its sacredness. Because the Ark was not being handled according to God’s plan (order), when difficulties arose there was no acceptable way of dealing with them. Pastors and church leaders get this into your spirit! There is a God appointed way to do God appointed task. Had the Ark been carried on the shoulders of the Priests, as the Law directed, this would not have happened. We see in verse 13 that David finds the proper way to transport the Ark. When he got his second chance he had researched the Law to know exactly how to move the Ark.

Years ago Kenneth Hagin Sr. was given a word of knowledge that applies to us all: “I had rather you were too slow that too fast when you are trying to follow my leading. At least when you are behind me you can still see me out ahead of you, but if you are too fast and you jump out ahead of me, you won’t be able to see me any longer and you will get off track.” We are not only to get the ‘what’ of God’s plan, but continue to pray until we have the ‘when’ and the ‘how.’

When God leads us to something, we must wait until we have God’s proper direction and ‘how to’ before we start. This insures success. Failure to do this insures failure. To walk in the fullness of this will require a break with tradition by allowing patience and prayer to birth specific instruction. Just because speaking to the rock worked one time, doesn’t mean it will work again. In fact, to repeat it could be costly (II Corinthians 10:3).

God has an order that when followed will produce results. As you pray for wisdom about implementing the five-fold ministry, you will be shown the way through prayer, publications, and anointed men and women with prophetic and apostolic callings.

Historically, the Lord has been calling for this change in church government for over 10 years. God is speaking to His remnant and restoring the apostolic and prophetic ministry through many who for years  have been hidden and who have been prepared by Him in the wilderness, who will exalt and extol one “Star” – our Lord. He is alerting His sheep to make ready for His new move that will be unlike anything known until now. He will establish His government in His church for those who have ears to hear what the spirit is saying. The idolatry of ministers and ministries will be overthrown, and in their place will arise a humble and lowly people who have died to self and to the praise and glory of man. Just as ever, we are to seek His face for humility and meekness and keep an intercessor’s heart and our Lord’s interest in first priority. In so doing the Lord will place a mature prophetic discerning and anointing in us, our ministry, and those called in our company and congregation.

Prophetic Word

The Winds Of Change Are Blowing In The Church

We have approached an hour in the church when change will begin to move those in the body in such a way that what has been traditionally accepted will no longer be acceptable. Restlessness has arrived, first in those who walk in the prophetic, then to those in the body. This restlessness will first be perceived as condemnation and judgment for church leadership, from which they will run, only to soon recognize that their heart has suddenly discovered new truth – a truth that will burst through the church like a wild fire raging through a dry forest. This Holy Ghost filled truth seeks truth and nothing else, tired of hype derived from entertaining and thought provoking messages, tired of entertainment in the place of true worship, tired of programs and formulas that never really work, tired of emotional theatrics from skilled and loquacious leaders needing more money for more monuments to their ministries, tired of spiritual pride pouring from the pulpit.

Ministers and ministries are being warned even now that change is coming and change is needed. Many do not know what is causing the emptiness they now feel spiritually, though many know something is wrong. Man orchestrated traditions set up in the church have blocked an openness to the Holy Spirit, an openness which will point us to true worship which is God-focused, not temple-focused, not man-focused, not ministry-focused.

Abandon now the traditions, traditions keeping us from our God - traditions that have focused us on men and the temple, and not God! Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition and tradition makes both the spoken and written word of God to no effect. Let us not be racked by this malady any longer. Let us awaken to our enemy called church tradition, an enemy so subtle so as to settle in the house of God! Our traditions in life are often our greatest deceptions.

Wake up O sleeper! Sense the change, sense the restlessness, know that just as in the natural it is also true in the spirit, anything growing will change – be open, be willing, be flexible to change. New wine is coming to the body of Christ, shed your old wineskins and prepare for the new. Be open to the new that I am calling this day, in this hour. I did not call my body to be edified by a one-fold ministry; I called a five-fold ministry for the edifying and building up of the Saints. I provide multiple forms of ministry in order that my people know my limitless love, my direction for their life, and knowledge of my way. The one-fold has hindered my spirit from flowing freely, keeping the attention and glory away from me. It is time for my Shepard’s to awaken to this spiritual injustice; they must turn away from their man-appointed ways that glorify men. Turn now! For you are in my house, you are tending my flock; you are eating my bread and partaking of my fruit. Awaken now, be forewarned now; that which is not of me will be dismantled. Destroy that which was built as an alter to man – programs, churches, theology, doctrines – all will fall in time, if they are not dismantled!

I am coming back for a Bride that is without spot or wrinkle. The world’s system has no place in my house and those using the world’s system in place of my kingdom’s design will be dependent upon it (the world’s system) for their reward!  Only those who move by my spirit, who obey my specific direction will survive and prosper during this upheaval. Ministries designed after other ministries will soon see that survival and growth never depended upon another man – it is totally dependent upon me. Those who have appointed Men-Of-Position to positions in my church will soon see sobering results; for the only thing men can produce are the evidences of men. God appointed men produce God appointed results. Discernment is the key. Time with me produces discernment and only by discernment can appointments be made. Just as with building programs done out of my will, so have there been appointments of men to positions of spiritual authority. The presumptuousness with which these events have been routinely done, will soon provide adversity and difficulty through which such mistakes will not occur in the future.

It is time for the church to grow, to take wings and fly in the liberty of my spirit. The five-fold is designed to usher my called ones into their calling and destiny, the one-fold stymies my called ones, and like Pharaoh, refuses to let my people go, often placing more emphasis on keeping the people trapped inside rather than sending them out. Many sitting in pews from Sunday to Sunday have been ready and restless for sometime, ready to fulfill their calling but unable. Others are beginning to feel the uncomfortable ness of restlessness, for as a mother eagle moves her young from the comfort of their nest to force it to fly, so to is my spirit forcing many in my body to awaken to the awareness of their discomfort, recognizing that something is wrong – “Is it me, or is it this place of worship?” they ask. 

Change is coming! Do not allow traditional thinking to hinder the call on your life. Move as I direct, the way may be bumpy at times, especially in the beginning, but my spirit will be with you. Trust me to lead you to those anointed to usher in the changes now occurring in my church. Pray your church leaders hear my voice and make the necessary changes, pray for those called to bring about these changes. Pray against the spiritual pride that now lofts many ministries like large American corporations, puffed up and proud. Pray that the church not have to go through another period of great humiliation and dishonor. I will move on the hearts of men and women as you pray. I will reveal to them the difference between selfish ambitions and anointed, appointed, works I have called. PRAY AND I WILL MOVE TO BRING REPENTANCE AND RESTORATION TO MY BODY!

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